to Clash!

4 easy steps

to win the Clash!

step 1


You will be invited to a team before a Clash starts


You can pick players from the Free Agent list if you haven’t enough players

*currently available for level 45+

step 2
Prepare 15 minutes before the Clash starts. All participating teams will be seeded into 8-team brackets. You can see your opponents on the bracket screen.
Registration now open
Registration closed
1 hour before start
Free Agents Check-In
1 hour before start
Assigning Free Agents
15 min before start
Creating Brackets
5 min before start
Clash Starts
Your local time
step 3
Fight, defeat 3 enemy teams, and take first place. Clashes last up to 60 minutes.
All games will be played according to the
Tournament Rules
All weapons and equipment are available, except restricted (banned) items
Weapon grades will be capped at level 22
All perks will be of the same grade for all players (grade 14)
Be sure to assemble your esports loadout!
Win awesome prizes and have fun!
Play Clash!