Not long ago, a team of scientists working in Egypt found an ancient treasury, previously unknown to historians. The tricky part was that the stones used in its construction were much-much older than the Egyptian civilization. As the explorers made their way inside, they were shocked by how well all the mechanisms and traps worked in this treasury – almost like it was built a few days ago. But the main surprise awaited them in the grand vault... 

After reaching the doors to the vault and blasting them open with dynamite, the scientists stopped answering their radios. The rescue team that was sent to retrieve them found no survivors but got a crystal-clear answer to what happened: all the scientists were eliminated by a sentry that was obviously locked up in the treasury to protect the valuables. At the moment, there are no answers to who this beast was, how it survived without food or air for thousands of years, and how to properly fight it. The past holds many secrets, and some of them are very dangerous, even for gunslingers with modern gear.

Anсient Look

The best isn’t necessarily the newest. Turns out, the designers and engineers of the past had a good idea of what reliability and sustainability were. The Tomb Guard will let you feel invincible, eternal, and vigilant. It’s a wild mix of ancient symbolism and unidentified high-tech components. The fact that you can’t explain how this suit was made doesn’t make it any less desirable – on the contrary! 

Now, if you aren’t ready to take the role of a merciless sentry, you can try fitting in with the Warrior of Nile mask. It’ll give you the right authentic Egyptian look without messing with your character’s overall vibe. Gator up, gunslingers!

Finally, take a look at the Desert Dance emote. It’s a dance move that lights up any party be it in an ancient treasury or on an enemy point. Works best when you sync with other people who know the moves.

Oh yeah, we also have new weapon skins. New as in you haven’t seen anything like this before”. Say hello to the first animated skin! The pinnacle of weapon customization. 

To top it off, there’s a bombastic insignia for all you ancient mythology aficionados. Check out the cosmetics and assemble the perfect season look!

Battle Career Rewards

Starting a new season and a new Battle Career should be exciting and fun, so we decided to boost the elite rewards for the lower ranks. Now, the first dozen levels will contain more of those sweet U-fragments and cool weapon skins. This way, getting the Elite Contract is risk-free, because you’re almost guaranteed to claim the best rewards that have now moved closer to the start of Battle Career. There are awesome rewards in the middle and at the top of any Battle Career too, but now, you still get an amazing deal at all levels.

Battle Fairs

The treasuries of lost civilizations aren’t the only place with valuable gear. Check out the two Battle Fairs of the season for a total of 16 amazing items, including weapons and equipment. The first stage goes live on March 11, and you can check out the list of available items right here.


As usual, we’ve got a set of six weekend brawls for all our gunslingers to enjoy. Varied gameplay, swanky rewards, no risk (brawls don’t affect stats), and tons of high-octane fun! Take a look at this page here to get the full info on all the brawls in the game. 

Season Pass

If you wish to plunder all the treasures of ancient cultures, we highly recommend getting a Season Pass that opens all doors in front of you. It unlocks all the possible rewards of Battle Career, increases your daily XP cap, doubles the experience you claim in the Marathon, and gives you all brawl contracts!

That’s a wrap for today. Dust off your fedoras, check your whip, and jump into the ancient catacombs full of mysterious and dangerous otherworldly creatures! 

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