A shotgun that leaves your opponents in stitches, and a sniper rifle that breaks the ice even in the most awkward situations - introducing Battle Cases of Season 12!

ICEBREAKER (May 15 - June 1)

This special event sniper rifle is a personal favorite of many gunslingers. When you land a shot with this baby, the damaged enemy becomes visible to all your allies and receives an additional 20% incoming damage - a great perk for team-snipers.

JOKER (June 5-22)

Another event weapon, but with a totally different attitude. This shotgun is literally full of surprises! Basically, it’s a very fast and damaging piece of weaponry that sometimes randomly releases a charged shot, dealing huge amounts of damage. Give your opponents something to worry about!

That’s it: stack up on Battle Coins, claim your free cases, and get some of the most desired event guns! 

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