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Season 7 will be a blast for many reasons, yet today we want to talk about only a few of them, which will give you tons of fun and rewards absolutely free!

Battle Trials

The seventh season in Guns of Boom is dedicated to esports and the competitive spirit. In light of that, we want to give everyone a chance to get the Elite Battle Career contract for free. It’s not that hard either!

At the start of the season, there will be an event with 3 stages. Each stage has a set of challenges you need to complete. Once you complete most of the challenges in all the 3 stages, you get access to Elite Battle Career free of charge! 

This offer will be available from October 30 to November 13 – after that, the only way to get the Elite Battle Career will be through purchasing a contract (or a Season Pass which includes the contract). 

The challenges in the Battle Trials aren’t too tough to complete. Sure, you’ll need to put in some effort, but there’s nothing impossible in this set of objectives. Just keep playing, and you’ll get them done in no time! 

One more thing: this offer is just as attractive for those gunslingers who already have access to Elite Battle Career - for completing most of the challenges, they’ll receive a straight-up boost of 5 Battle Career ranks!

Battle Trials will be available to all players level 5 and higher.


You still remember that Season 7 is about esports, right? Good, because the next special activity is about finding your perfect competitive loadout. 

During the first week of the season (October 30 - November 6), you can try any non-event weapons or equipment from the Arsenal absolutely free of charge. All the items will become available in your Arsenal once you launch the game in the above-mentioned period, and will stay available for the next 7 days. This will work for all players level 5 and higher. 

This is a great opportunity to try out different sets of equipment and find your perfect loadout, which gives you that sweet winning edge. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different items - sometimes victory-sets may be quite unusual.

We’re not going to recommend any specific combos for two reasons. First, because searching for them and exploring the powers of different items is a treat in itself. Second, you all have different playstyles and tactical habits, so what works for one, will not necessarily work for the other. Just mix-an-match, and have fun with all the options at your service, and you’ll surely find that “one and only” loadout. Good luck! 

That’s not even the tip of the iceberg though - just a little teaser. Season 7 will be so full of content and activities that there won’t be enough hours in a day to enjoy it all. Stay tuned, we’ve got more exciting news in the pipeline!

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