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In version 11.1 we’re making a lot of changes to the game, and we want you to know all about them.

First of all, we’ve decided to change the game’s name to better reflect the competitive vibe that is behind every battle, every series and every point you win. From now on, it’s Gods of Boom - less violent and more epic!

Check out a video by Stanis to get the scoop on this milestone.



Guns of Boom has always been about competition and not about violence. In the past year, we have downplayed the depiction of violence, replacing kills and headshots with eliminations and perfect aim and took part in two Armistice charity campaigns for peaceful gameplay. We chose non-violent competition as our new mainframe and that’s when we realized that we needed a new symbol for our game. 

So we gave it a new name: Gods of Boom. We renamed the game after competition itself that is reflected in every battle, every series and every point you win. It’s a name you are familiar with from our biggest esports series, it’s completely non-violent and it stands for striving to better yourself and climbing to new heights. And we couldn’t imagine a better time to do this than during the Season 2 Finals

By removing the mention of guns from the name, we now place the focus on the skillful gameplay instead of weapons. This signifies a new era for our game. Gods of Boom will bring you many changes. Including a big new PVE feature, that we will continue developing together with you. 


Another important change is called Invasion - it’s a completely new game mode that pits you against overwhelming AI enemy forces. It’s currently in the beta test, but we’re happy to share it with you and get your feedback. We’ve got a whole guide that goes into detail about this new PVE-mode - check it out.


Last but not least, we’ve got some major core gameplay changes in the pipeline. These will make regular battles even tenser than before and hopefully give you a more immersive gameplay experience. Alas, that’s all we can say for now, but more info is coming very soon - stay tuned.

Thanks for playing and being the best community ever!

Gods of Boom team

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