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Event duration: May 21 - May 28

Gods of Boom is turning 3 years old! That’s 1095 days in human years. It’s a major milestone for the title, and we want to share our excitement with all of you: Introducing the Birthday Event for all players level 3+! Fight in battles, complete challenges, win rewards, and get guaranteed gifts at the Marathon!


The event starts on May 21 and lasts for exactly one week. At the start, you get a set of challenges with various loot. Completing all of the challenges will bring you the main event reward. On top of that, there’s a gift marathon, which requires you only to launch the game and claim your B-Day present.


At the very start, you get a bunch of challenges. These won’t change over the course of the event, and you can complete them at any given moment. Each challenge brings you certain rewards like consumables, customization items, or Battle Coins. However, completing all the event challenges in time will get you a unique mask, which is an exclusive birthday item and a must-have accessory for any party-goer.

You can complete all the event challenges in classic battles and brawls.


Fighting for your rewards is true to the game’s vibe, but it’s a birthday after all, and birthdays are about gifts. That’s why we have a peaceful Gift Marathon: it’s a 7-day activity, where you get a different gift every day. You can claim them in the game mail window. Here’s the list of all the goodies you can get: 

Get your party mood on, grab your favorite weapon, and start celebrating! Woop!

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