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Hey Gunslingers! You all been good this year, that’s why for the holiday season we’ve prepared a special gift for you: a whole bunch of awesome brawls, that will keep you entertained for 6 weekends straight! So without further ado, let's get down to the nitty-gritty details of season’s brawls—the rules, handy tips, and other important stuff.


As you probably already know, brawls are fun mini-events with special game rules that take place on weekends exclusively.

They’re designed in a way to give you maximum joy with minimal investments: they do not affect your account stats, that’s why you can go rogue without having to worry about maintaining your ranks.

Contracts are also there to level-up your fun. You sign them when the brawl’s active, you complete the challenges listed in the contract, you get the rewards that include Battle Coins, Elite Consumables and a unique Insignia for every brawl. 

It’s not mandatory, of course, it’s just a great way to make a profit while having fun—contract rewards are always worth more than the price of a contract. Also, don’t forget that you can get a Season Pass that includes all brawl contracts! Learn more about Season Pass in our handy guide.

Don’t forget that you can easily follow all the future and ongoing activities in the game in our handy Schedule.


Sometimes you don't know what's been missing in your life until you stumble upon it. For example, this Top Gun brawl which lets you experiment with the best guns in the game. Get ready for three days of adrenaline-fuelled battles seasoned with the most powerful weapons Arsenal can offer. And if you feel you’ve tried them all, just play around with different builds. Go on, have fun! 


  • Team Deathmatch 4 vs. 4

  • Upon spawning, you get 2 random high-tier guns; the guns you get will be of any two types

  • You’ll never get a sniper rifle and machine gun combo

  • You get either the Ifrit or Zero vest each time you spawn

  • Upon spawning, you also get 2 brawl grenades and 5 brawl medkits

  • Everyone gets equal Armor and Health


  • In this brawl a variety of weapons are equally powerful, putting everyone on equal footing and making your actual abilities the cornerstone of success. So it’s time to put that interpersonal skills and previous fighting experience to good use because shooting expertise and teamwork are gold!

  • This is your exclusive opportunity to really get to know different guns. If you’ve ever wanted to try out Porcupine, Odin, or any other kind of high-tier gun, you can’t miss this brawl. Otherwise, how will you know which guns work best for you?

Brawl dates: December 13-15 


We call this brawl the Rocket Party because, well, this is how everyone else calls it. This bombastic brawl is ultimate fun since you get to mindlessly launch rockets like they’re firecrackers. By the way, the firecracker comparison is not by accident – this time we’ve added some holiday spirit to the brawl to celebrate the New Year!

During the brawl, you get unlimited access to special free black G-Launchers, and 10/10 gunslingers agree that rockets are the strongest argument in a dispute who’s the real boss on the battlefield. It’s therapeutic in a way because you can let all your pent-up emotions out and just blow things up.


  • Team Deathmatch 4 vs. 4

  • Upon spawning, you get 2 Brawl G-Launchers and one charge of Paracelsus that regenerates health and armor

  • Every time you eliminate someone with a G-Launcher, you get 2 G-Launchers

  • Every time you eliminate someone with any weapon, you get one charge of Paracelsus


  • When you activate the Paracelsus helmet in the brawl, you get invulnerable to rockets for about 2-3 seconds, but not for guns. You'll also restore health and armor for around 5 seconds. 

  • Paracelsus in the brawl is way more powerful than it is in regular games, use it wisely.

  • G-Launchers are badass, but they're not nukes that wipe off the whole map. Keeping your distance and waiting for others to start fighting is always a good tactic. A well-placed rocket can take out several weak opponents who are reloading, healing or doing whatever.

  • If you've been lucky enough to make a single-shot Triple Elimination, don't count on your opponents' bad short-term memory: they will come back for you full of vengeance and holding all kinds of grudges. If you made a clean shot onto several enemies and got yourself some G-Launchers, farm a new Paracelsus charge too—it'll come in handy sooner than you think.

Brawl dates: December 20-22


In turn, Arms Race feeds into your feelings of the introvert—the lone wolf, who always wanted to embark on a perpetual quest for dominance with no team to worry about. No need for joint decisions, because you only have to fend for yourself. And as if the pressure of solitude wasn’t enough, you won’t have the time to mess around, since the guns you’ll play with will constantly change—you’ll have to be quick to adapt! Sounds fun? We think so, too!


  • Free For All game mode

  • The first one to score 21 eliminations wins

  • Everyone starts with Bastion

  • Once you score 2 eliminations with it, you get the next gun

  • There’s a total of 11 guns in the brawl, and eliminating opponents will require more and more skill as you advance

  • You get Brawl Medkits every time you spawn, you don’t get any offensive consumables


  • Starting gun – BASTION

  • 2 eliminations – ORION

  • 4 eliminations – SUNBURST

  • 6 eliminations – REAPER

  • 8 eliminations – HERO

  • 10 eliminations – TRAITOR

  • 12 eliminations – SCATTERSHOT

  • 14 eliminations – BRAWLER

  • 16 eliminations – HURRICANE

  • 18 eliminations – THANATOS

  • 20 eliminations – LEGEND

This brawl is dynamic, to say the least! You don’t have a team to play around, you don’t even have the same weapons to fight with. So here’s what we think is the best way to handle the Arms Race.


  • Get ready to adapt on the fly: your weapons will change, and so should your tactics. Fighting with a machine gun and with a sniper rifle are two completely different things

  • Know your map well! That way, you can find the safest spots and make sneaky ambushes for the enemies

  • When you see several people fighting, it’s not always polite to interrupt. More often than not, you can wait for a winner to emerge and finish him off. Of course, if you’re sure you can finish off both gunslingers, you should go for it!

Brawl dates: December 27-29


Last but not least—the Power Play. Perfect for full-time brawlers part-time scavengers. Not only do you have to try your hardest to stay alive, you also need to roam the map collecting all kinds of power-ups that will upgrade your game to infinity. If you're ready to feel the real power, be sure to join this brawl and start collecting those upgrades!


  • There are certain places on the map where power-ups spawn

  • There are three types of power-ups: speed, defense, and damage

  • Power-ups effects last for a limited period of time

  • You can collect several power-ups in a row and stack their effects

  • The central point of the map spawns a random power-up, so if you saw a Double Damage bonus appear there once, it doesn’t mean you’ll see it next time


  • Speed: lasts 8 seconds and increases movement speed by 20%

  • Double Damage: lasts 16 seconds and doubles your output damage

  • Defense: lasts 16 seconds, reduces incoming damage by 50% and recovers 5% of your armor every 0,5 seconds

  • Power-ups add a lot of tension to the gameplay and a lot of timing-related tactics. Here’s what you should keep in mind when going into Power Play.


  • The Double Damage bonus is everyone’s favorite, so you can expect heated fights around it, which can be a source of eliminations, wink-wink

  • It’s common for gunslingers with Double Damage to go rushing, trying to get up close to the opponents, however, your damage is doubled on all weapons including sniper rifles – think about it

  • The Defense power-up does not protect against knives – if you’re a skilled melee fighter, you can deal some serious damage even to a gunslinger with extra protection

  • If you pick up the same power-up several times, its effect will be prolonged – so moving smart can allow you to maintain the desired state for a while

Brawl dates: January 3-5


If you’re more of a people’s person, you'll love this hardcore team play! The All for One brawl will offer you an ultimate co-op experience where the victory depends on the survival of every member of your team. It’s nice to take care of someone besides yourself on the battlefield for a change!


  • Each team has 25 lives in total

  • Each time a player is eliminated, their team loses one life

  • The team with more lives at the end wins

  • Everyone plays with their own weapons and equipment

  • This mode of play is very much based on your ability to coordinate and play together as a team. Here are a few things you should remember before going into battle.


  • Try to stay close to your teammates at all times and never wander off alone. Every time you lose sight of your mates, you're in danger of being picked off and losing a life for the team

  • Create ambushes, and don't rush the enemy even if you feel the power pulsing through you. Being careful is more important than going commando-style

  • Once you eliminate someone, retreat a little and make sure everyone's healed up

Brawl dates: January 10-12


As the saying goes: big guns take a big place in man’s heart, and this brawl is going to feed into those sentiments to the fullest. It’s no doubt that the skill of the gunman is important, but let’s be real: when we talk about guns, size does matter. Besides, this brawl offers a unique opportunity to play around with the Vulcan grenade launcher—this gun is exclusive for this brawl. Take this as a chance to go nuts with an exclusive weapon that literally has no match in the whole game.


  • Machine guns only

  • You start off with one of the four brawl machine guns: Matador, Annihilator, Hero or Jack Frost

  • You can run with machine guns

  • For every 2 eliminations, you get the Vulcan grenade launcher!

  • Everyone has 3000 health and armor

  • This brawl features a unique weapon, which you can’t encounter anywhere else in the game, so most of the tips concern it – the Vulcan grenade launcher.


  • Once you get the Vulcan, don’t be in a hurry to fire it off in all directions – the ammo’s limited. Make every shot count by attacking close-packed groups of enemies

  • You may not be the only one with the Vulcan. Other players might have the grenade launcher as well, so don’t go into a berserk mode when you get it

  • Machine guns can fire at pretty long ranges. Keep your distance at all times, and you’ll be able to eliminate enemies with the Vulcan with no hassle

  • Want to survive better than everyone else? Use the Shell vest that reduces incoming damage from the Vulcan’s grenades! Learn more about vests here.

Brawl dates: January 17-19

That’s it for now. You can also find additional info about the currently active brawl in your in-game mail—we've got you covered every inch of the way.

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