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What's up, Gunslingers! Welcome to another season of epic weekend brawls. This season is a bit shorter (only 4 brawls), but still full of extreme action. The good news is that if you get the Season Pass, you’ll earn the usual amount of Battle Coins, and 2000 of them you’ll receive at once - a real bargain! And while you're considering the purchase we'll fill you in on the details about the upcoming brawls.



As you probably already know, brawls are fun mini-events with special game rules that take place on weekends exclusively.

They’re designed in a way to give you maximum joy with minimal investment: they do not affect your account stats, that’s why you can go rogue without having to worry about maintaining your ranks.

Contracts are also there to “level-up” your fun. You sign them when the brawl’s active, you complete the challenges listed in the contract, and you get rewards that include Battle Coins, Elite Consumables and a unique Insignia for every brawl. 

It’s not mandatory, of course, it’s just a great way to make a profit while having fun — contract rewards are always worth more than the price of a contract. Also, don’t forget that you can get a Season Pass that includes all brawl contracts! Learn more about the Season Pass in our handy guide.

Don’t forget that you can easily follow all future and ongoing in-game activities in our handy schedule.


It's orb hunting time, Gunslinger! A brawl with fun gameplay that requires bold moves as much as smart positioning. Your goal is to collect orbs from fallen enemies, so you’ll need to engage in pretty close combat to pick the loot first. However, your health regenerates when you avoid incoming damage, so you better know when is the right time to flee. Who would have thought that hiding or running away would be considered a legit tactic one day, huh?


  • Your HP regenerates when you’re not taking damage for some time

  • Games happen in Bounty Hunt mode, where you score points by picking up orbs from eliminated enemies

  • If you get eliminated, you drop half of your collected orbs for other players to pick up

  • You can pick up orbs from enemies, as well as from teammates

  • Health starts regenerating when a player has been out of the battle for 2 consecutive seconds

  • Health regenerates at a rate of 20% from base HP level every 2 seconds until fully restored

  • The fact that eliminations aren’t the main source of points in this mode, makes it a little tricky. Your instincts may tell you sometimes to chase low-health enemies and get those eliminations, but that’s not always the right call.


  • Once you get 10 orbs, you become visible through obstacles for all players across the whole map. Hiding is no longer an option

  • Make sure to protect your orb-bearing teammates, because they’re the prime target for your opponents and are easy to spot

  • Your health regenerates over time, so when you’re hurt – run to safety. This will give you some time to breathe, get your HP back and think about your next move

Brawl dates: January 24-26


Are you a long-range combat type of person? If your answer is "Yes" then this high-risk, high-reward brawl is exactly what you need. It will challenge you in all sorts of ways, but one must agree that a real Gunslinger is defined by how skillfully he handles a sniper rifle. And if your perfect aim is somewhat lacking, this brawl is also a good place to start practicing, since your failures won’t damage your overall score. 


  • King of the Hill 4 vs. 4

  • Upon spawning, you'll get one of the following guns: 5th level Barracuda, Icebreaker or Thanatos, 3rd level Iceberg or Last Breath, 0 level Liquidator

  • Every time you spawn, and every time you make two eliminations in a row, you get 1 Infravision defense consumable. When you use it, it gives you 6 seconds of Infravision, just like E.Y.E. upgraded to level 3, allowing you to see enemies through walls and solid obstacles. When you get eliminated, you lose all your Infravision consumables

  • Everyone has equal health and armor

  • Headshots do more damage than usual, and body shots do less

  • Only sniper-friendly maps are in rotation


  • It's a brawl for those who aim, so do that. Don't expect to deal tons of damage by shooting at people's feet. Sure, you can claim an elimination if you spot an unsuspecting wounded player. But more often than not, you'll need to find the Perfect Aims to reach the MVP screen.

  • Do you know what snipers are afraid of most? Knives. These silent and deadly weapons can be extremely useful against campers, especially if you know the maps well.

  • Don't get too comfy in one place. If you're thinking that you've found the perfect camping spot, think again! It's a good idea to switch your sniping positions every once in a while. After all, if you continuously eliminate the same opponent from the same spot over and over again, chances are, he'll find a way to flank you. He might even do so with a blade in his hands.

  • Watch the watchers! If you see a reckless gunslinger running through the open areas of the map without a care in the world, chances are - others see him too. And you know what they're thinking: gotta snipe that noob before anyone else does. So instead of sniping the poor bloke running in the open, start sniping the elimination-hungry enemies who'll be anxiously moving to more comfortable and usually less safe positions.

Brawl dates: January 31 - February 2


This one is pretty straightforward: just grab a G-Launcher and enjoy yourself while running around blowing things up, because if setting the whole place on fire is not the best way to unwind after a long week, we don’t know what is.  


  • Team Deathmatch 4 vs. 4

  • Upon spawning, you get 2 Brawl G-Launchers and one charge of Paracelsus that regenerates health and armor

  • Every time you eliminate someone with a G-Launcher, you get 2 G-Launchers

  • Every time you eliminate someone with any weapon, you get one charge of Paracelsus


  • When you activate the Paracelsus helmet in the brawl, you get invulnerable to rockets for about 2-3 seconds, but not for guns. You'll also restore health and armor for around 5 seconds. 

  • Paracelsus in the brawl is way more powerful than it is in regular games, use it wisely.

  • G-Launchers are badass, but they're not nukes that wipe off the whole map. Keeping your distance and waiting for others to start fighting is always a good tactic. A well-placed rocket can take out several weak opponents who are reloading, healing or doing whatever.

  • If you've been lucky enough to make a single-shot Triple Elimination, don't count on your opponents' bad short-term memory: they will come back for you full of vengeance and holding all kinds of grudges. If you made a clean shot onto several enemies and got yourself some G-Launchers, farm a new Paracelsus charge too—it'll come in handy sooner than you think.

Brawl dates: February 7-9


Top Gun brawl is great for a gunslinger, who wants to try out different high-tier guns, and is not afraid of gruesome competition. After all, the deadliest weapons are available to all players, so when you all are on an equal footing, the only differentiating factor is your gun-wielding skills and teamwork. Powerful weapons are great, but you have to be smart about it!


  • Team Deathmatch 4 vs. 4

  • Upon spawning you'll be assigned a specialization and will get appropriate weapons; the guns you get will be of any two types

  • Everyone’s HP and Armor are equal to 4500/4500

  • You’ll never get a sniper rifle and machine gun combo

  • You get either the Ifrit, Zero, or Kevlar vest each time you spawn

  • Upon spawning, you also get 2 brawl grenades and 5 brawl medkits


  • In this brawl a variety of weapons are equally powerful, putting everyone on an equal footing and making your actual abilities the cornerstone of success. So it’s time to put those interpersonal skills and previous fighting experience to good use, because shooting expertise and teamwork are like gold!

  • This is your exclusive opportunity to really get to know different guns. If you’ve ever wanted to try out Porcupine, Odin, or any other kind of top tier gun, you can’t miss this brawl. Otherwise, how will you know which guns work best for you?

Brawl dates: February 14-16 

This is it for now. Have fun, and see you in Season 10!

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