The much-anticipated brawls of Season 10 are finally here. Are you excited? Well, you should be, and here's why.

As you know, Season 10 features a fantastic collab with AMC’s The Walking Dead. This means that walkers, raiders, and whisperers are flooding the maps of Gods of Boom. This may sound disturbing, but don't be scared just yet. During the brawls, you'll be fighting these foes with the most iconic weapons straight out of the hit series. If you’re lucky, you may even earn the privilege of playing as Daryl Dixon! And maybe, just maybe, you’ll have a chance to survive as long as he has.

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In short: brawls are fun mini-events with special game rules that take place only on weekends.

They're designed in a way to give you maximum joy with minimal investment: they do not affect your account stats, and that's why you can go rogue without having to worry about maintaining your ranks.

Contracts are also there to level-up your fun. You sign them when the brawl's active, you complete the challenges listed in the contract, and you get rewards that include Battle Coins, Elite Consumables, and a unique Insignia for every brawl. 

It's not mandatory, of course, it's just a great way to make a profit while having fun — contract rewards are always worth more than the price of a contract. Also, don't forget that you can get a Season Pass that includes all brawl contracts! Learn more about the Season Pass in our handy guide.

Now onto the brawls!


The first brawl of the Season is spiked with the ultimate TWD experience since you get to test your survivor skills with weapons, that have helped The Walking Dead’s characters get through 10 seasons of all sorts of messed up situations. The brawl starts off easy, as usual, but the difficulty increases as you eliminate more opponents and switch to more skill-demanding weapons. This is a nail-biting brawl for lone survivors who care only about fending for themselves.


  • Free For All game mode

  • The first one to score 21 eliminations wins

  • Everyone starts with the brand-new Survivor weapon

  • Once you score two eliminations with it, you get the next gun

  • There's a total of 11 guns in the brawl, and eliminating opponents will require more and more skill as you advance

  • You get Brawl Medkits every time you spawn, you don't get any offensive consumables


  • Starting gun – SURVIVOR

  • 2 eliminations – DARYL'S CROSSBOW

  • 4 eliminations – DOLORES

  • 6 eliminations – SCOUT

  • 8 eliminations – MATADOR

  • 10 eliminations – RANGER

  • 12 eliminations – CYCLOPS

  • 14 eliminations – BRAWLER

  • 16 eliminations – BUFFALO

  • 18 eliminations – BATTERING RAM

  • 20 eliminations – LEGEND

Every participant also gets two excellent secondary weapons: Rick's Revolver and the barbwire bat Lucille.

The brawl is dynamic, to say the least. You don't have a team to back you up, and the guns change all the time. So the only thing that's constant here is that nothing is constant. 


  • Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Your weapons change, so should your tactics. Don't forget that fighting with a machine gun is not the same as fighting with a sniper rifle.

  • Know your map, gunslinger! That way, you can find the safest spots and set up sneaky ambushes for your enemies.

  • Don't get into someone else's fights. It's rude! Better wait for a winner to finish and get rid of him. On the other hand, if you're sure you can eliminate both enemies, do it.

Brawl dates: February 21-23


We're accelerating into a post-apocalyptic catastrophe, gunslinger. In this brawl you get the chance to play as Daryl. Your mission is to become the ultimate survivor using only pistols and knives. The setup is extreme, we know. But brawls are perfect for getting out of your comfort zone to explore the potential of guns you're not using that often. Come on, show us what you got! 

The good news is that after you eliminate three enemies without being eliminated yourself, on your next respawn, you'll become Daryl Dixon and wield his signature crossbow. Use the powers of the legendary walker-slayer generously.


  • 4 vs. 4 in Team Deathmatch mode

  • At the start, the teams get Loner or DIY costumes

  • No offensive or defensive consumables, except for 3 medkits

  • All players use pistols exclusively; on respawn everyone gets a random pistol

  • After a player scores 3 eliminations without getting eliminated, on next respawn he becomes Daryl Dixon and acquires his signature crossbow; Daryl has more HP, armor, and moves faster


  • You'll be Daryl Dixon until you get eliminated; moreover, while you're Daryl, you can't collect eliminations to respawn as Daryl again, so keep that in mind. After you become yourself again, you'll have to start eliminating from scratch.

Brawl dates: February 28-March 1


When thinking about the zombie apocalypse, you'd imagine that getting away from the dead would be your #1 objective. Wrong! It turns out that when the world is in shambles, almost everything wants a piece of you… even other human survivors. Point Domination is precisely about that. It's a PvP mode where teams fight for control over points on the map. In this brawl, you'll combat those hostile survivors. Or vice versa. Maybe you'll be the hostile survivor who knows no remorse. In a place like that, a man's gotta do what he's gotta do to survive.


  • 4 vs. 4 in Control Points mode

  • The team that gets the best score wins

  • The more points team controls, the more it scores for eliminations, assists, and other achievements, 1 controlled point multiplies score by 1,5, 2 points multiply the score by 2, and 3 captured points by 3

  • Your guns, your skins, your skills

  • All players have their own health and armor

  • Everyone wears cool The Walking Dead themed costumes, to get in the right mood


  • Control points are geared towards aggressive gameplay, but it might be a good idea to let only one of your teammates stand in the circle while you cover his blind spot

  • Don't mindlessly move to the next point or stay in the captured point. Camp in the blindspots and eliminate whoever comes for the capture. 

  • When you take control over most of the map, it’s time to get more defensive and put to good use those machine guns and sniper rifles. 

Brawl dates: March 6-8


Things are starting to get interesting… and terrifying at the same time. This is where you will experience separation anxiety to the fullest, because in Last Stand it's just you and the endless waves of NPC walkers and raiders. To top it off, you'll only have one life, so you have to put maximum effort into eliminating as many enemies as you can. 


  • Single-player mode, it's just you and endless waves of walkers and raiders

  • Survive as long as you can, because you only have one life

  • You've got your own weapons, health, and armor

  • Enemies sometimes drop ammo, armor, and medkits (what a relief!)


  • Just do whatever it takes to stay alive.

Brawl dates: March 13-15


When civilizations collapse under the heavy weight of postapocalyptic mayhem, setting up a reliable supply chain is the key to survival. It's up to you and your allies to roam around the map looking for supplies and carry them to the truck. But you won't be alone in this mission. You'll have to beat the enemies, who'll try to get their hands on the supplies as well. Those who manage to carry the most supplies to the truck will win. It's you or them, that simple. 


  • In Supply Run mode, everyone has their own health, armor, and weapons

  • Collect supplies and drop them in the truck

  • At the end of the match, you drop supplies x2 faster

  • If you get eliminated, you'll lose everything you collected

  • You can pick up supplies dropped by enemies and teammates

  • The team that drops the most supplies wins


  • There are 12 boxes with the supplies at the same time, and new ones don't appear until at least some of them are delivered. In the last 30 seconds of the match, the amount of supply boxes increases to 24, and you'll be able to pick up several boxes at once. 

Brawl dates: March 20-21


As intense as this Season was, you'll still have to find the strength to nail this last brawl. In Interception, your job is to capture the supplies and not let your opponents gain control of them! The team that captures the supplies starts earning points. The team who has obtained the most points at the end of the match wins. After running around looking for supplies in Supply Run, this brawl might seem like a piece of cake, but we promise you it's not.


  • 4 vs. 4 in Team Deathmatch mode 

  • Everyone has their own health, armor, and weapons

  • Supplies appear in the center of the map

  • The team that captures the Supplies starts gaining points

  • Team with most points till the end of the match wins


  • Trying to usurp the supplies as soon as it becomes possible is courageous, but not very smart. Don't go head-to-head with the opposing team singlehandedly, because you’ll quite likely lose the 1 vs. 2 or 1 vs. 3 fight, not capture the supplies. Leaving your team one fighter short this early in the battle is not cool. 

  • Whenever an enemy player tries to capture the supplies solo, try not to scare them off and force them out of position. They probably won't achieve heck, but they will be bleeding players and postponing their regroup. Wiping the whole team may be beautiful, but eliminating one player every 20-30 seconds is much more effective victory-wise. It diminishes morale and makes coordinated attacks quite impossible. 

  • If the enemies took control of the supplies, it's a call to regroup, not to attack. Read this out loud ten times before going into the brawl, and you'll see how well this mantra works. 

Brawl dates: March 27-29

Well, this pretty much sums everything up. Walkers, raiders, whisperers. It looks like every living (and dead) thing is out to get you. But isn't this exactly why you like Gods of Boom? 

Until next time!

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