Oh, what could be more delightful than a good old brawl on the weekend? Probably kittens, but sending you kittens would be against our policy, so please enjoy these six exciting brawls we thoughtfully handpicked for Season 7. 



If you're new here, Brawls are fun mini-events with special game rules that take place on the weekends exclusively.

Brawls don't affect your account stats, so you can enjoy the care-free fun with no strings attached. Forget about keeping a perfect K/D ratio. Brawls are designed to let you get into all sorts of trouble on the battlefield. Isn't it nice to walk on the wild side sometimes?

Contracts are also something that's worth notice. You sign them when the brawl's active, you complete the challenges listed in the contract, you get the rewards that include Battle Coins, Elite Consumables, and a unique insignia for every brawl. 

Participation is not mandatory, of course, it's just a great way to make a profit while having fun: contract rewards are always worth more than the price of a contract. Also, don't forget that you can get a Season Pass with all the brawl contracts! Learn more about Season Pass in our handy guide.


It's the Wild West baby, and it's time to find out who's the best shot in town. Only pistols can be brought to the brawl, but they didn't call the place wild without reason, so we added a few poisoned knives into the equation. 


  • Wild West maps with team game modes
  • Only brawl pistols and throwing poisoned knives are given to players
  • Poisoned knives deal damage and slow down enemies
  • The only consumable used in the brawl is antidote which heals and cures poisoning
  •  Everyone has the same amount of health (2400) and armor (1100)


  • When you eliminate an enemy with a poisoned knife, you get two more poisoned knives.
  • Every elimination (no matter the weapon) gets you one antidote.
  • Old but gold: aim for the head. Pistols don't have that assault rifle rate of fire, so make every shot count.
  • If you plan to make a few shots in a row, start aiming at your enemy's gut/chest. As you fire off, the recoil will make your pistol shift its aim higher. So if you start in the middle of the body and make approximately 3 shots, the last one has a high chance of hitting your opponent right between the eyes.
  • Be confident. Guns, and especially handguns like revolvers, feel the slightest shaking of the hand and may skew your bullet trajectory just a little. However, in a fight where every shot counts, even "a little" can result in a lot. 

Brawl dates: November 1-3


Get the Rocket party started and try not to get banned for playing it too much (just joking, nobody is going to get banned for this). During the brawl, you'll get unlimited access to free G-Launchers that you should use to blow your enemies away! So, if you like to mess with big guns, you came to the right place.


  • Team Deathmatch 4 vs. 4
  • Upon spawning, you get 2 Brawl G-Launchers and one charge of Paracelsus that regenerates health and armor
  • Every time you eliminate someone with a G-Launcher, you get 2 G-Launchers
  • Every time you eliminate someone with any weapon, you get one charge of Paracelsus


  • When you activate the Paracelsus helmet in the brawl, you get invulnerable to rockets for about 2-3 seconds, but not for guns. You'll also restore health and armor for around 5 seconds. 
  • Paracelsus in the brawl is way more powerful than it is in regular games, use it wisely.
  • G-Launchers are badass, but they're not nukes that wipe off the whole map. Keeping your distance and waiting for others to start fighting is always a good tactic. A well-placed rocket can take out several weak opponents who are reloading, healing, or doing whatever.
  • If you've been lucky enough to make a single-shot Triple Elimination, don't count on your opponents' bad short-term memory: they will come back for you full of vengeance and holding all kinds of grudges. If you made a clean shot onto several enemies and got yourself some G-Launchers, farm a new Paracelsus charge too - it'll come in handy sooner than you think.

Brawl dates: November 8-11


Being a good gunslinger is not only about the brute force but also the skill and precision! During the Lock'n'Load brawl, you can show the world what a fantastic sharpshooter you are! After all, a little sniper party never killed nobody! ...Or did it?


  • King of the Hill 4 vs. 4
  • You play with your own sniper rifle
  • Everyone has increased health and armor
  • Headshots do more damage than usual, and body shots do less
  • Only sniper-friendly maps are in rotation


  • It's a brawl for those who aim, so do that. Don't expect to deal tons of damage by shooting at people's feet. Sure, you can claim an elimination if you spot an unsuspecting wounded player. But more often than not, you'll need to find the Perfect Aims to reach the MVP screen.
  • Do you know what snipers are afraid of most? Knives. These silent and deadly weapons can be extremely useful against campers, especially if you know the maps well.
  • Don't get too comfy in one place. If you're thinking that you've found the perfect camping spot, think again! It's a good idea to switch your sniping positions every once in a while. After all, if you continuously eliminate the same opponent from the same spot over and over again, chances are, he'll find a way to flank you. He might even do so with a blade in his hands.
  • Watch the watchers! If you see a reckless gunslinger running through the open areas of the map without a care in the world, chances are - others see him too. And you know what they're thinking: gotta snipe that noob before anyone else does. So instead of sniping the poor bloke running in the open, start sniping the elimination-hungry enemies who'll be anxiously moving to more comfortable and usually less safe positions.

Brawl dates: November 15-18


Guns of Boom was always about the competition. If you still don't take part in our esports tournaments, maybe this brawl can change your mind. The Pro Challenge will give you a glimpse of what's it like to be a professional esports player and fight in a competitive setting. This brawl is a part of an in-game event dedicated to Season 2 Finals in Tallinn – learn more about the finals in our article.


  • Everyone fights in Pro Play mode
  • Aim Assist is off for all gunslingers
  • Respawn timers get longer if you're eliminated often
  • Each battle you get one of the five sets of weapons that real esports athletes use at the tournaments
  • All players fight with 2000 health points and 1800 armor
  • Your consumables aren't spent in these fights


  • Don't press the movement joystick forward like you're late for a train. Most of the times, people are eliminated not because they shoot poorly or don't know how to throw grenades, but because they're out of position. A simple tip for beginners: make sure you see at least 2 of your teammates IN FRONT of you.
  • Sniper up! Of course, playing with sniper rifles is not as heart-pumping as wielding a shotgun in face-to-face confrontations. Yet, many snipers live to see their grandchildren. It's a safer occupation on the battlefield, and it requires less reaction and more concentration.
  • Guns of Boom esports is all about teamwork. Hero plays are fun to watch, and they get a ton of likes on YouTube, but it's the consistency of your mutual support that wins the fight at the end of the day. If one of your mates goes straight into the enemies, don't waste your life by trying to stand next to him. Take position behind cover and try to deal as much damage as possible.
  • Don't chase enemies to get the sweet elimination points. 9 out of 10 times, you'll just catch a sniper bullet between the ears as soon as you cross the invisible frontline. Remember - the fact that you've dealt damage is sometimes good enough, even if you didn't send anyone to the spawn room. First of all, damaged players don't get too cocky. Second, they spend their precious consumables to heal up. Third, they run behind their teammates, making them take a step back as well. Why is this good? Your bros can heal up, reload and regroup, which is often enough to get the upper hand in the next clash. 

Brawl dates: November 22-25


Be like a crouching tiger, be like a hidden dragon. Locate the Zone on the map and capture it with your fellow gunmen! Then capture it again. Oh, and again. Oops, it moved again, looks like you have to capture it again. The fact that the Zone is not attached to one place makes the fights super dynamic and gives them an "on the move" feel. You won't be able to wait this one out in the safe place with a sniper rifle!


  • This brawl is played in 4 vs. 4 format
  • The team holding the Zone gains points
  • The Zone changes its location every once in a while and becomes neutral
  • After that, players from both teams need to regroup and capture the Zone in its new area
  • The team that reaches 2000 points first or scores the most points during the time limit wins


  • Trying to cap the Zone as soon as it becomes possible is noble and all, but it can be quite dumb as well. If you're all alone and there are at least several enemies headed for the Zone, don't go head-to-head with them. You're quite likely to lose the 1 vs. 2 or 1 vs. 3 fight, not capture the Zone, and leave your team one fighter short. Not cool. 
  • Whenever enemy players try to capture the Zone single-handedly, don't scare them off too early and give them a chance to be out of position. They probably won't achieve heck, but they will be bleeding players and postponing their regroup. Wiping the whole team may be beautiful, but eliminating one player every 20-30 seconds is much more effective victory-wise. It diminishes morale and makes coordinated attacks quite impossible. 
  • If the enemies took control of the Zone, it's a call to regroup, not to attack. Read this out loud 10 times before going into the brawl, and you'll know how well this mantra actually works. 

Brawl dates: November 29-December 1


In this brawl, your whole team has only 25 lives for the duration of a match. Your objective is to save as many lives as you can while depleting your opponents' supply of lives.


  • Each team has 25 lives in total
  • Each time a player is eliminated, their team loses one life
  • The team with more lives at the end wins
  • Everyone plays with their own weapons and equipment
  • This mode of play is very much based on your ability to coordinate and play together as a team. Here are a few things you should remember before going into battle.


  • Try to stay close to your teammates at all times and never wander off alone. Every time you lose sight of your mates, you're in danger of being picked off and losing a life for the team
  • Create ambushes, and don't rush the enemy even if you feel the power pulsing through you. Being careful is more important than going commando-style
  • Once you eliminate someone, retreat a little and make sure everyone's healed up

Brawl dates: December 6-9

And there you have it - the brawls of Season 7 and how to handle them like a real pro! If you're looking to find a group to play in (which is especially vital in brawls like Pro Challenge) - check out our Discord server! And in case you're hungry for more Guns of Boom news, memes, and discussions, head over to our Facebook page. See you there, gunslinger!

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