The Championship is back in Gods of Boom! Get ready to compete during the next 2 days in this cool mini-event for a chance to win a unique prize and some one-of-a-kind bragging rights!


The event starts on October 31 and lasts for 2 days and is available for all gunslingers level 34+ that are in league Gold 5 or higher. You automatically get assigned to a group of players based on your stats after you play at least 1 PvP game and compete with them throughout the event by gaining Championship Points in battles. Be the best in your group by the end of the event, and get a special elite frame for your insignia, which will be visible for all the players in the game for the next 14 days.


As you first launch the game, you won’t see any groups. You need to play at least one game in any PvP mode in order to be assigned to one. Taking several factors into account, the game will pit you against opponents with similar stats. Your position in the group can change and it is defined by the amount of Championship Points you gain in battles.


So, how does one get these Championship Points? By being good at the game, of course! You get 2 points for each Elimination, and you get 1 point for each Assist. You can score these points in Classic battle.


Let’s say that after 2 days you got the best score in your group. You’re at the top of the list. What do you get? Something to show for all that hard work! When the event ends, you as a winner will get an in-game message and a temporary 14-day special shield-frame for your insignia. Others will see it whenever they look at their Elimination Cams, on score screens, and even during battles above your head. It’s a badge of honor, which no one can take off of you, a medal for the most determined gunslingers.

Other rewards you can get for completing challenges include consumables and Bonus Points. Bonus Points are used to multiply the points you get in each battle (they work very much like Bonus Tokens in previous in-game events). To get Bonus Points, complete all the event challenges, or simply purchase them from the store. 

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