What is Clash?

Have you touched all the possible heights of Gods of Boom? Are you missing these adrenaline bursts? Do you want to become something greater? From now on, a few times a week you’ll be able to clash with the best of the best for valuable prizes with just a couple of taps in the main menu. Clash means simple rules, eternal competitive spirit, and an opportunity to win the cachet instantly even if you are not a professional esports player.  

How often do Clash tournaments happen?

During the Beta, we’ll announce all the upcoming tournaments on the main Clash page. We plan to host 1-2 tournaments every week.

How do I participate in Clash?

If the Tournament is available to you, you’ll see its icon right in the game lobby. Tap it and follow the instructions!

How experienced should I be to take part in Clash?

To take part in the first wave of beta-testing, you need to be level 45+. In the future, we are planning to expand the Clash audience. Follow the news!

Do Clash battles affect my profile stats? Can I complete quests in Clash tournaments?

No, these battles do not go towards quest completion and do not affect your stats.

In which countries is Clash available?

It’s available in all countries where you can download and play Gods of Boom. When you first enter Clash, you’ll be automatically assigned to a region of your current country. If you wish to play in a different region, you can change it in the upper left-hand corner of the main Clash window, or in the Team Manager window. You can change your current region at any time, except when you’re participating in an active tournament — in this case, you need to wait for the current tournament to end to change your region.

If you change your region to one that is geographically far away from your real location, you may experience connection issues and high latency due to the physical distance between the region’s server and your device.

Players using a VPN will be assigned to a region according to the settings of their software. Game Insight is not responsible for any technical issues that may arise in the game while using a VPN.

If I change the server in the game, will my Clash server change as well?

Nope: the server in the game and the server in Clash tournaments are different, and changing one does not affect the other.

Can I add players from other regions to my team?

Yes you can, but after they accept your invitation, the region of these players will be changed to the region of your team.

Where can I find Clash in the game?

Clash can be found in the main lobby. That’s a round widget, as with other game events, and is placed over the Battle! button.

How can I register for Clash?

The cards of the nearest Tournaments will be available to you on the main Clash page. You can register for any of the available tournaments. Registration for each tournament takes place separately. Open a card and choose one of the options to register, whether as a team or as a free agent. Any player can register as a free agent who is not a team member, but only a team captain can register a team. If you don’t have one, you’ll be offered the opportunity to create one.

How many players are required for Clash?

You can take part in Clash as a solo Free Agent or as a team. To take part as a team, you need at least one more team member except you. You’ll be asked to fill the remaining one or two vacant spots with Free Agents. The maximum number of players on a team is 4. You can also register as a solo Free Agent.

How to create a team?

There are two ways to create a team. If you have at least one more player who’s ready to go into Clash with you, you can create your team during the registration for the tournament.

You can also use the Create Team button on the main screen - in this case, you can register a team even without a second member being present. However, you’ll need to invite at least one member before your team can take part in Clash.

What’ll happen if I register as a Free Agent?

If you register as a Free Agent, you will first be chosen by one of the incomplete participating teams. You’ll get a push notification and an in-game message about it. If you don’t get selected by one of the teams before the end of registration, you’ll be automatically assigned to one of the incomplete teams. If there aren’t any incomplete teams, new teams with random names will be formed from the remaining Free Agents.

Unfortunately, there may be situations where the number of incomplete teams will be unable to fit all the available Free Agents, or the number of Free Agents is not dividable by four. In this case, some players will not be able to participate in the tournament, of which they’ll be informed by push notifications and in-game messages.

I registered as a Free Agent, do I need to confirm my participation?

You do. It doesn’t matter whether you were chosen for a team (except the times when you get promoted to a full team member) or not, you still need to Check-In before the tournament. Check-In starts with the end of registration and lasts for 45 minutes. You need to enter the tournament during this timeframe and confirm your participation by pressing the Check-In button. If you don’t do this, you’ll be removed from the Free Agent list and won’t be able to participate in the tournament. 

Can I play with a team of friends/clanmates?

Sure, you or your friend/clanmate can become a team captain and invite people from your friend list/clan members. The captain can send out up to 5 invitations. Once 4 of them are accepted, the fifth one will be automatically canceled.

Keep in mind that the region of the invited player will change automatically to the region of your team once that player accepts the invitation.

What if my team doesn’t have enough members to take part in the tournament?

If you’re missing one or two players, you’ll get assigned Free Agents to your team when registration closes. If there are no Free Agents available, your team won’t be able to take part in this particular tournament. Just register for the next one, and either invite the Free Agents yourself or wait for them to be assigned automatically prior to the start of the tournament.

What authority does a team captain have?

A player who creates a team becomes its captain. They can pass this authority to any team member at will.

The captain can change (edit) the following parameters:

  • Entry list. The captain can add new team members chosen from their friends and clanmates, choose free agents for the Tournament, or promote free agents to permanent team members. The captain can also expel team members or even disband the team if there are no other members in it.
  • Team name. You can only use Roman characters, figures and spaces (3 to 18 characters). You can also rename your team up to 24 hours after its creation, and before termination of registration for the Tournament. The team name should not violate Terms of Use.
  • Team tag. You can only use Roman characters and figures (3 to 4 characters). The tag should not violate Terms of Use.
  • Team's region
  • Team logo and background color.

Note that team management will be blocked when registration for the Clash ends. 

Are the name and tag of the team unique?

Your team name is unique, but your team tag is not.

Can I change my region while being registered for a tournament?

You can, but Clash tournaments start at different times in different regions. If you decide to change region after registering for a tournament, your registration in the current region will be annulled. If at this point the registration in your new region is still open, you’ll be registered automatically. If the registration is already closed in your new region, you won’t be able to take part in this tournament from that particular region.

Can I add players from other regions to my team?

Yes you can, but after they accept your invitation, the region of these players will be changed to the region of your team.

I’m a team captain, what will happen if I change my region?

If you’re the captain of a team and decide to change your region, the region will change automatically for all your teammates.

Can I leave the team I was invited to join?

Yes, you can do it before the end of the registration for the Clash Tournament your team is participating in.

How are the agents selected for the cards I see?

The cards of five agents are chosen depending on the average performance of your team members. We take many factors into consideration and let you choose the agent that best suits your team.

Why don’t I see any agent cards when I open Clash?

Agent cards are available only for the team captains. 

What do the “+” and the clock icon near the team member icon represent?

The “+” mark signifies an active free agent in your team. This agent will go to the battlefield with you when the nearest Clash Tournament starts. The clock icon signifies an inactive agent who already played with you and will soon be deleted from your team list. You can either promote the agent to a permanent team member or delete them from the list before the 5-day term expires.

Can I add an agent to my team after a Clash?

Yes, certainly. When the Clash Tournament ends, you’ll have 5 days to decide whether to promote an agent to a permanent team member. If you do nothing up to the end of this period of time, the agent will disappear from your team list. Besides, you can get outpaced: If another team invites your agent before you do, they will disappear from your team list.

How does matchmaking for Clash work? 

When the registration ends, all the teams are allocated to Tournament brackets, 8 teams in each. In other words, if we have 80 teams registered for a Clash Tournament, 10 brackets will be created, 8 teams in each one. Respectively, there will be 10 winning teams in the Tournament.

Each Tournament bracket is formed according to the average performance of your team; e.g., we are taking your position in the global rating into account. Further on, your Clash wins will also influence the matchmaking. 

The matchmaking terms can be altered during beta testing. Follow the news!

Can several teams from one clan participate in the same Clash?

Yes, they can. But matchmaking is designed so that the teams will most probably go into different brackets.

How will the Clash go and what will we do there?

When the registration for the Tournament ends, your team will be allocated to one of the Tournament brackets comprising 8 teams. To gain victory, you’ll need to win in three match series. You’ll have only one match in the first series and two to three matches in the remaining two (semifinal and final), depending on your score (up to two victories). You can follow the Tournament course on the Bracket tab.

There’s a Qualification Match in the tournament bracket, what’s that? Do I need to play it?

Yes, you do. It doesn’t matter whether you registered as a team or as a Free Agent, you still need to play the Qualification Match to participate in the tournament. The results of this match do not affect your Clash stats and aren’t used in team matchmaking, so there’s no option of replaying it. It is used to filter out the people who registered for Clash but did not show up on time for the games.

How do Qualification Matches happen? How do I know if I qualified?

At the start of each Clash (the time listed on the tournament’s page), all teams receive an invitation to the Qualification Match - even the teams which were created automatically from Free Agents. The match happens between two teams of equal leagues and consists of only one battle. Once you complete the Qualification Match, you’ll get a pop-up notification in the Clash menu about completing your qualifier, and you’ll see how much time is left before the start of the tournament (never more than 15 mins). When the quarterfinals start, you’ll get an invitation to the tournament match in the in-game lobby.

How will winners be defined? Will I be able to follow the course of a Clash without participating in it?

The winners will be defined after three game series; you can follow the course of the Tournament on the Bracket tab. Unfortunately, at present you’ll only be able to follow the Tournament course within your Tournament bracket.

If you are not registered for the Tournament, only the list of the winning teams will be available to you when the Clash ends.

Is there any progression during the season? Can I see team standings somehow?

Yes, you can see current regional leaderboards as well as the results of specific tournaments on the official website. You can also get this info by pressing the “Standings” button on the main Clash screen.

How are teams arranged in the leaderboards?

All teams are ranked according to their Victory Points. Each player gets 1 Victory Point (VP) for each victory. A team’s Victory Points are the sum of all VPs of each team member. If a player changes teams, their personal VPs are deducted from the team the player leaves and are added to the team the player joins.

A player can get a maximum of 5 VPs during a single tournament. Thus, a team of 4 players can score up to 20 VPs in a tournament.

Please note that the more VPs your team has, the stronger your tournament opponents will be. That’s one of the ways in which skill balance between contenders is maintained.

How do I learn about the start of a Clash?

You can follow the preparations for the Clash in its main screen, and also receive a push notification 10 minutes before the start of the first battle. When the Clash starts, you’ll receive an invitation to the in-game lobby. If you're getting an invite while browsing the Clash screen, you'll see a pop-up window indicating your tournament lobby is waiting for you.

When does registration for the Clash start and how long does it last?

Clash registration can open several days before a tournament — keep an eye on the Clash icon in the game lobby or watch for an announcement on Discord or Twitter. Registration ends an hour before the actual beginning of the Clash.

Can I become a Gods of Boom esports athlete after a solid performance in Clash?

Clash is not linked directly to esports leagues. Yet, you can just hone your skills in Clash or find a team you can join, to participate in other tournaments.

Will I be able to look through my battle stats?

You can see your stats in the match history — tournament match entries have a special Clash background that makes them stand out. Also, in the future you’ll receive a card with your personal achievements which you may share on social media after each Clash. The winning teams will also be able to see their own best achievements and those of their opponents on the Winners tab.

My bracket has less than 8 teams. How come?

If the total number of teams is not enough to form an even number of brackets, there may be brackets with a different number of teams.

Can I choose a female character to play?

Yes, you can choose a male or female character to play, no restrictions here.

Can I choose my look for esports loadouts?

Right now there's no option to change player's appearance in esports loadouts. Your look in every esports loadout will be equal to the primary non-esports loadout appearance. 

What if I don’t have a weapon, equipment, or consumable I need?

In Clash, you can use the tournament arsenal: it becomes available to you when you register for the Clash. You can find it in the loadouts section: this arsenal is called Esports. Here you can gather three loadouts with any weapons allowed at the Clash even if you don’t have these.

The use of consumables in Clash battles is defined by Tournament rules; you can use the consumables even if you don’t have these. When you use the Clash consumables, that does not decrease the number of your consumables for regular battles.

By the way, the esports loadouts will remain accessible to you after each Clash. You can edit these at any time and also use the saved loadouts, not only in Clash, but in other Tournaments as well.

They say Tournament Rules are creating equal conditions to all players. Is it really so?

Yes, in accordance with Tournament Rules, all Gods of Boom players have equal conditions. If you want to learn more, please read this article [link]. Your chances to win depend only on your gaming skills and on consolidation of your team!

So, before the match I get into the lobby. What do I do there?

Make sure you have at least one esports loadout ready. If this condition is met, tap the Ready button — it confirms your readiness to go into battle. If you fail to tap the button before the time expires in the lobby, your team will go into battle without you. If none of the members of your team tap the Ready button before the time expires, you will lose by default. If both teams tap the Ready button before the lobby expires, the battle will start loading. So, before you tap the button, make sure that your Tournament loadouts are complete, and you are ready to go into battle!

What if our team got into a battle and found out that one of our players has technical problems?

In the case of technical problems (for example, when one of the players did not connect to the battle or found that some loadout wasn’t working for him), you can leave the battle within the first 30 seconds. The whole team must do this. In this case, the pre-match lobby will be recreated, and you can start the battle on the same map again. The team can do this only once on each map. If the whole team leaves the battle during the first 30 seconds for the second time, this will result in defeat. If your team left the match after more than 30 seconds of the battle, you’ll also lose the battle by default. After loading the battle, be sure all your allies are in place so you can avoid defeat or playing in uncomfortable conditions.

What if one of my team members didn’t show up to the Clash?

You can still change the team's line-up and invite another player or agent if the registration for the Clash is still in progress. When the registration is closed, it is no longer possible to do this, and you will have to play with the line-up that is currently online. Unfortunately, during the beta testing period, a situation may arise when the agent of your choice did not appear at the Clash. In future, we plan to prevent such situations by introducing additional checks and lowering the priority of unscrupulous agents at the time of their distribution.

My team got kicked out of the tournament when it started. Why?

This can happen if your team had less than 4 people on it at the time when the tournament started.

On what maps will we play in Clash?

The list of maps is available on the Bracket page: It is created by the Gods of Boom team for each Clash.

What rewards will be available to me and how do I get these after the end of the Clash?

In Clash, rewards are displayed on the main page of each Clash tournament. Only players of those teams that got to first or second place in their Clash bracket can receive these. Rewards are displayed for each player, not for the team. When Clash ends, rewards will be sent to each player via in-game mail. This process may take some time. If you won Clash but did not receive your reward within 24 hours, be sure to contact our tech support team.

One of my friends or relatives wants to take part in Clash using my account. Is this allowed?

No, if you give your game account to another person this will violate the game Terms of Use.

What do you do to prevent fraud in the game?

The Game Insight team takes fraud very seriously and uses many methods to prevent it, as well as applying various sanctions to Gods of Boom accounts that violate the User Agreement [link]. Inside the game, various built-in fraud prevention mechanisms are used.

The Game Insight team wants all players to play fair and have fun in Clash. If you encounter any cases of fraud, contact Game Insight Support [link to support]. Clash is a series of tournaments, and therefore we punish dishonest players by locking their account for the longest term possible.

Are there any device restrictions to play Clash?

Yes, at this stage of beta testing, we do not allow players with iPads to participate. You can register for the Tournament, but you will not be able to confirm your readiness and enter the battle from the lobby. Things can change in the future: stay tuned.

Who can I turn to if I have any problems with Clash or Gods of Boom?

If you have any problems in the game or with the Gods of Boom app, please contact Game Insight Support.

Can I sign up for Clash or manage the team outside the game?

No, you cannot. These functions are only available in the game.

I did not find an answer to my question in this FAQ.

Ask your question in Game Insight Support and we’ll add both the question and the answer to our FAQ!

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