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Here you can find all the information about the current Gods of Boom version and its updates. 

Table of content: 

15.0 - April 1


  • Season 11 Battle Career features additional ranks, and thus additional rewards. Reach rank 40, and then try to climb an additional 10! Get Elite career for even more great loot and awesome rewards!
  • Staying at home is ten times as fun when you got a set of 6 amazing weekend brawls coming your way. Give them all a try!
  • Battle Cases with neat weapons - this season, you’ll get a chance to assemble the legendary Dragonfire and Last Breath.
  • The space-themed season calls for space-themed cosmetics. We’ve prepared some really amazing costumes and emotes that’ll take you out of the Earth’s gravitational pull.

HOTFIXES - March 26


Stage III offers a challenging and exciting PvE CO-OP mode that’ll put your survival skills to the ultimate test. All the activities before now have been a preparation for this final showdown!


  • There was an error when a player saw an empty main lobby when returning from a PvE fight. Fixed it.
  • Emotes on the MVP screen were only visible to the people who activated them. Fixed!
  • The lobby was missing textures of the campfire, the rain, and the car’s headlights. Found them and put them back.
  • The MVP screen showed crates, orbs, and other objects if they were on the MVP spot at the end of a match. Took care of that.
  • The history of PvP fights was missing the opponent’s team score. Added it back.
  • No orbs dropped after eliminating an enemy with Reaper. Fixed.
  • The esports loadouts showed weapon grades from the player’s personal Arsenal when in reality, all weapon grades should be equalized to player level 22. Fixed.
  • In a third-person view, the bat sounded like a knife. Fixed the sound.

14.1 - March 19th


The first two stages are behind, and it’s time for the final one. It’ll feature another PvE mode, and a whole TWO FAIRS instead of one. Hurry up and farm all you want before event is over!


Experience 2 new weekend brawls! Try to grab as many supplies as you can before getting eliminated by opponents in Supply Run, and try to protect precious resources from greedy enemies in Interception.


Visit the 2 new fairs to get “Lucille” and Rick’s Revolver, and don’t forget to complete Daryl’s Crossbow as well as Survivor. All 4 fairs will be unlocked before March 31.


If you take part in tournaments or are a professional esports player, you’ll now have a special tab in the arsenal where your competitive loadouts will be stored - separate from your casual ones.

Read the full list of restricted items. More weapons and equipment will be allowed in tournaments in the future. Stay tuned for updates!

14.0 - February 20th


  • This epic event is divided into 3 stages: each will feature a number of unique activities, fairs, and challenges. 
  • New PvE mode where you battle hordes of walkers, raiders, and whisperers. Read The Stage I Guide here. 
  • Unique PvP mode featuring 3 teams of 3 players. Only one can win though!
  • Challenges, daily and stage ratings, as well as a full Battle Career with the ability to get additional rewards after rank 40.
  • A variety of distinct locations inspired by the TV show
  • 4 weapons from The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes’ revolver, Negan’s barbed-wire baseball bat “Lucille”, the rapid “Survivor” assault rifle, and the star of the season — Daryl Dixon’s crossbow.
  • Tons of cosmetics like costumes, masks, emotes, weapon skins and insignias • you can even get Daryl’s costume to complete your post-apocalyptic look.
  • Redesigned elements on many classical maps to make gameplay even more immersive.


The fixed camera button in Spectator Mode disappeared. Fixed – now it's back where it belongs!

13.1 - January 29th

Balance tweaks, new pistols, and knives, fully reworked Private Matches


In this update, we’re balancing some of the items based on your feedback to make gameplay with Specializations more engaging. You can find all the balance details in our article - Balance Changes In Update 13.1.


Another step towards improving loadouts and making them more flexible. We’ve added 2 new pistols (Cascade and Bulldog) and 2 new knives (Shark and Fang)! Check them out and add some close-combat power to your specializations! Everything you should know is here: Update 13.1 - Knives, Pistols And New Private Matches.


Invite anyone, not just your in-game friends, by sharing a special code that lets players join directly into your group even as spectators. Just copy the lobby ID and send it to the person you want via social media or Discord or any other way to start your own small tournament!


If your QRRIOR costume is not completed, now you won’t be seeing the “Upgrade Max” button, but you’ll be suggested to complete the costume or to close the window instead. 

13.0 - January 21st 

SEASON 9 - Tactical Operations - Season 9 Guide

  • This season is shorter than most — only 28 days — so we can bring you the EPIC Season 10 faster
  • Only 4 brawls. However, if you’ve got the Season Pass, you’ll still get all the Battle Coins as you would from 6 brawls! Look at the list of brawls - Brawler’s Guide To Season 9.
  • More XP rewards! The daily marathon and bonus prizes now give you more experience upon completion, so you move faster through Battle Career
  • Perk Cases – a new reward in this season’s Battle Career. Improve your loadouts - read The Complete Perk Guide!
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