Here you can find all the information about the current Gods of Boom version and its updates. 

Table of content

22.2.1 — March 2


Friends, we apologize for the problems that the previous update may have caused. Thanks to your reports, we managed to identify the bugs promptly and immediately started fixing them. This hotfix should solve most of the issues you've experienced. Also, check your mail; we've sent you a gift as compensation for the inconvenience.

  • Almost fixed the bug that prevented weapons from switching or firing after respawn. We are actively working on fixing the problem completely, but some players may still encounter it.
  • The scope button could not be pressed when the camera was rotating. Fixed.
  • Tapping the currency icons now takes you to the store as it was supposed to.
  • The game's interface is no longer cut off on the screens with rounded corners.

Check out the article on known issues to learn about the bugs you can possibly encounter!  

22.2 — February 25


We're working hard to keep our classic maps up-to-date. In this update, we’ve improved the balance of 3 maps and 5 more maps are now much better graphics-wise. More information about the changes can be found in the article here.


We added further improvements to make the UI even more straightforward and clean. For instance, active offers now look much better.


  • We fixed the issue that made Barracuda re-enter aiming mode when aiming via 3D Touch.
  • Some of you may have experienced the game's window closing when launching the game for the first time after an update or reinstallation. We found what caused this and fixed it.
  • There was a small visual problem with the stats displayed at the end of the match in Two Fronts mode—now it's fixed.
  • In match history, the map's name overlapped with the battle mode's name if the match was in Two Fronts mode. All good now!
  • We improved the notification system. Now icons with an exclamation mark should appear less frequently if it doesn't require your immediate attention. This applies to notifications regarding item upgrades, profile management, new mail, etc.

These are all the changes for now. We hope this improves your gaming experience.

Check out the article on known issues to learn about the bugs you can possibly encounter! 

22.1 — February 10


The Lunar Festival is still live in the game! Enjoy the celebration, explore a new map, and get unique festive items at fairs. For full info on the event read our traditional guide.


Love is in the air, and even the masks aren’t helping. Get ready to kick off Valentine’s Day with some hearty offers. Make the enemies bow down to you with the Queen of Hearts costume, get the jaw-dropping skin for Orochi that completely changes the weapon’s geometry, and blow everyone away with the MWAH emote!


  • Animated the loading screen
  • Changed the sound of Orochi firing to a more fitting one
  • Updated animation for Slayer knife


  • Text overlapping no longer happens in token giveaway offers
  • Faulty lines no longer appear in the Battle Career window
  • The game no longer freezes when players adjust/disassemble their 5th loadout
  • Brawl insignias from Season 12 are once again displayed correctly
  • Fixed the issue that sometimes caused the game to freeze on iOS devices while using spectator mode

We hope these changes make your gameplay richer and less stressful.

Check out the article on known issues to learn about the bugs you can possibly encounter! 

22.0 — January 27

The year has just started, but we’re already hard at work. Check out these new features and fixes!


This time, you will become a real superhero! After the events of Brave New Season, many have decided to fight the corporations by becoming vigilantes. Join these heroes and fight for freedom!


During Season 2, we’ll celebrate the annual Lunar Festival: new gun, new gear, and a new map!


We’ve balanced the stats of Orochi, Reaper, Quicksilver, Berserker, and several other guns. Full info in the article.


  • Fixed the issue with Incinerator extinguishing enemies already on fire instead of adding more fire damage to them
  • Fixed the bug with vests which led to incoming damage not registering properly in some situations
  • When spawning with a crossbow, you could sometimes see the firing animation. We fixed this
  • Now the active perk button for helmets is displayed correctly during the perk’s cool-down
  • Corrected the display of weapon skins for Mamba AR: they used to look darker than intended
  • Improved the design of Brawl Backdrops which you get for signing brawl contracts

We hope these changes make your gameplay richer and less stressful.

Check out the article on known issues to learn about the bugs you can possibly encounter! 

21.0.1 – December 30. Tech update

Just before the end of the year, we prepared a tech update with a bunch of bug fixes. Check out what we’ve done!


  • Messages no longer overlap in chat
  • Added special buttons to navigate Battle Career content and made the whole process smoother
  • The cooldown timer for helmets and Bastion is now displayed correctly when using consumables
  • The number of your Battle Coins is now displayed correctly in the main lobby
  • In-battle buttons returned to their normal sizes for gunslingers using iOS devices with the 2160x1620 resolution

We hope these changes make your gameplay richer and less stressful. Happy holidays!

Check out the article on known issues to learn about the bugs you can possibly encounter! 

21.0 – December 17

In version 21.0 we added a lot of stuff: content, rebooted seasons, and tons of visual UI changes in the lobby. Meet the last update of the year!


We’re starting a new chapter in Gods of Boom! The changes we started introducing in brave New Season have rooted, and we’re beginning a new count. The first season of Act 2 features a story about gunslingers stranded on an arctic base, so get ready for frosty cosmetics and cool fairs! Also, we’ve completely reworked the Battle Career interface to make it easier to use.


The main lobby is the game’s face, so we want players to feel comfortable on this screen. That’s why we overhauled the placement of icons and UI elements to make it less cluttered, prettier, as well as more modern and intuitive.


Ready for a holiday event? We’ve got your favorite game modes on snowy maps, cool gear including a new rifle and vest at the fairs, and 2 weeks of awesome daily gifts for all players. Don’t miss out!


We’ve updated the textures and models of some older weapons (Mamba, Onslaught, Manticore, Hydra, and Eagle). Now they look brand-new! 


  • Fixed the issue which caused some weapons to show the Orochi sights during warmup
  • We expanded the tap area of the Refresh button so that you don’t accidentally go to battle when trying to tap it
  • The “Earn 100 gunbucks in battles” quest now shows and rewards the right amount of gunbucks
  • Vest icons in the U-Fragments convert window now have the right size
  • Fixed the error which led to oversized buttons in battle on iPads with 2160x1620 screen resolution

Check out the article on known issues to learn about the bugs you can possibly encounter!

20.2 – December 7

Gunslingers, we spotted several bugs in the latest updates. We fixed some of them and are working on others. Also, we want to highlight a few cool additions to the game.


We’ve got a new brawl coming up at the end of the Brave New Season, and it’s an intense one! We can’t tell you every little detail about it, but soon you’ll experience this brand-new weekend activity yourselves. Just hold on for a little longer.


  • Now, you can spectate random battles and battles of your friends without any issues. The game no longer takes you to the main lobby instead of the match
  • Solved the problem with daily quest updating – the game searched for a match instead of updating the quest
  • Fixed the error which caused players to respawn automatically, instead of respawning after pushing the Battle button. The button’s now back and works like intended
  • Since version 20.1, your brawl plate does not overlap with the Battle Career icon
  • Fixed the bug which allowed one full-body suit to be equipped on top of another
  • Fixed the error which caused Battle Career ending screens to crop incorrectly on devices with 4:3 screens

20.1 – November 11

Gunslingers, we want to tell you about the upcoming event and highlight a few improvements we’ve made in this update.


Diwali is a festival of lights - a holiday that metaphorically celebrates the victory of light against the powers of darkness. Seeing how all gunslingers are fighting for their freedom, this event has perfect timing. Join battles, complete free and contract challenges, and win awesome rewards, including an all-new stylish costume!


Editing the files on the corporate mainframe isn’t easy due to high-level encryption, but I’m making progress. Here’s what I achieved this time around:

  • The window with U-Fragments now shows only the items you can apply these fragments to
  • Unclaimed Battle Career rewards now stay highlighted until you claim them - a nice reminder.

20.0 — November 3

Gunslingers, we spotted several bugs in the latest updates. We fixed some of them and are working on others. Also, we'll tell you a bit more about the BRAVE NEW SEASON.


This season has many changes, my friend… The marathon tab was reworked: now you can claim your rewards several times a day. A new type of reward added — U-FRAGMENTS. One more challenge stage — the fifth in the line. The SEASON PASS will be more useful and profitable now.


A new type of reward will be available in Battle Career — U-FRAGMENTS! Use these to upgrade weapons that are assembled from fragments. Another good thing: you get more career experience by fighting in classic battles, thus you rank up faster. However, there’s now a limit to how much EXP you can get in one sitting – so take breaks every once in a while.


One more addition to your in-game nickname — stand out from the crowd with a cool template. You will receive a special design for your nickname after purchasing a brawl contract. It will be shown everywhere and it will be with you in the next 7 days till a new brawl starts. On top of that, you get an experience boost for your Battle Career whenever you complete a brawl contract.


We've made some fixes and improved the game stability. If you encounter a bug, let us know!


  • Players sometimes had trouble switching Game Center/Google Play accounts. It's now fixed!
  • The Battle Bonus Tokens offer at the store didn’t have the info button, so players could not learn what Bonus Tokens were all about. Corrected that one.
  • Fixed the hard-to-read text in the tip windows for Specialization Cases and Event Tokens.

19.2 - October 14

Gunslingers, in the latest  Gods of Boom updates, we spotted several issues. We fixed some of them and are working on others.


Very soon, one of the most epic events of the year will launch in the game - Halloween! We’ve prepared 18 days of wicked bone-chilling fun with cool event modes, a new map, three awesome fairs, engaging challenges, and tons of rewards including two new costumes!


We've made some fixes, improved the game stability, and fine-tuned some visual aspects of the game. If you encounter a bug, let us know!


  • Fixed the problem that prevented players from entering Spectator Mode. If you encounter this bug in recent versions, please contact our tech support team.
  • Solved the issue which caused the Battle button to disappear on the Elimination Screen.
  • A gunslinger who quit a battle could sometimes see a defeat window in the match results, even if his team won. We fixed that.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from switching loadouts in the last moments of the Elimination Screen.
  • Sometimes the Change Loadout button did not work properly during warm-up. We fixed that.
  • The Med Module’s area of effect is now shown correctly in battle.
  • Active perks are now once again highlighted.
  • Solved the issue which caused the game to crash on Android devices when players tried to connect their Facebook account. 

19.1 – October 1st


  • We’ve improved designs, animations, and details on Vampire, Storm, Punisher, Hurricane, and Whisper. The weapons look as good as ever – make sure to keep your eyes on the enemies and not on the all-new textures.
  • Remastered maps – this time, we’ve made balance and visual improvements of Mexico: Village and Military Warehouse. 
  • We've made the ammo drum on Joker more realistic - the shells run out when your mag becomes empty.
  • Now you won’t miss a single stream thanks to the new LIVE NOW icon in the main lobby!


  • Fixed the sounds of knives to match the animations
  • Fixed the error with watched videos not counting towards the video quest
  • The table with the 8 available Battle Fair items now doesn’t disappear when you leave a selected fair
  • From now on, when you open the Arsenal, you’ll see the gun which is used in your current loadout
  • Fixed the bug that didn’t let you get rewards for watching a video in the Token Giveaway offer, and prompted you to watch another video instead
  • Fixed the graphic issues with the Special Forces costume and mask
  • Fixed the bug with scrolling messages in the mail
  • Removed the bug that allowed players to shoot through a wall on Wild West: Railroad
  • Solved the issue with the player’s character switching to a default look in the Equipment section
  • Fixed the bug which caused the offer on Avalanche fragments to have the same price, regardless of the amount of fragments
  • Fixed the animations for the following weapons: Cerberus, Annihilator, Persuader, Executioner, Oppressor, Barracuda, Juggernaut, Warmonger

19.0 – September 16


Gunslingers are shooting a movie that’ll blow everyone’s minds! Top-notch effects, the best actors out there, endless explosions, and the most awesome props available on the market. This season, you’ll witness the release of the best action-packed blockbuster ever! 


The all-new Battle Fair replaces the old Battle Cases. From now on, Battle Coins are used to spin one of the 8 available fairs with weapons and gear. The list of 8 items available for the fairs changes twice every season: once at the beginning, and the second time in the middle of the season. 


New sounds for different knives.


  • Adjusted the fire rate for some sniper rifles: Prometheus, Iceberg, and Liquidator. They used to fire one shot after another almost without a cooldown, and that skewed the game balance. Now, this highly critical issue is fixed.
  • The offer to purchase Battle Career levels now disappears after a player completes the purchase.
  • Fixed the lags at the fairs.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the game to freeze after opening the weapon skins tab.
  • Fixed the problem that caused the game to freeze after a player purchased an Elite Battle Career at the bank.

18.2.1 - September 4th


  • The notification icon has been updated for the button that claims free daily Battle Career experience
  • Fixed the issue with the game freezing up after opening the weapon skins tab
  • Improved the notification system

18.2 -  September 2nd


Since we're continually adding new weapons to the game, it becomes even more critical to maintain the right power balance. We felt that Berserk, Porcupine, Incinerator, and Juggernaut stand in contrast to other guns in their class, and therefore their performance required some readjustments. Details and numbers can be found in the article on Balance Changes.


With update 18.2, another 13 maps got more refined. The improvements were not limited to redecoration, some of the glitches and problems with the layout were fixed as well, making them as fair to all the players as it gets. 


We've made the notification system more comprehensible so you wouldn't miss any essential information. Standardized visual components and a more structured look should help you be on top of things. 


  • Some players used to appear twice on the list in the Recent Teammates section, all fixed now!

18.1 - August 19


We reworked the Europe: Streets, Farm and Old Factory maps. Some changes are minor; others significantly improve the environment. Moreover, map rotation was revised and reworked to reduce the chance of playing on the same map too often. The improved system should take into account the list of the last played maps, and select a map that's not on it.


If the weapon supports the aiming mode, you can now enter the mode simply by holding down the aiming button. The change is supposed to make the aiming more user-friendly for devices that don't support 3D Touch.


Now you can open up to 20 cases with a single tap! You can find that option in the Arsenal right next to the usual button for opening a single case.


  • Fixed the issue that, in some cases, prevented players from exiting the aiming mode
  • Improved the tap area for selecting gender when changing customization in the Arsenal
  • Fixed the bug that made aiming mode close inadvertently
  • UI issues with windows in the lobby on iPad were fixed
  • The Top Player mask is now displayed correctly
  • Fixed the bug that made the game crash when starting video recording in the Clash lobby
  • Removed the crosshairs from Spectator Mode
  • Sounds of footsteps and screams during eliminations can be heard in brawls again
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes caused the weapon's image on the elimination screen appear as a black square or even missing
  • Because of frequent tapping, sometimes several cases would open at once — all fixed now!

18.0 - August 5th


  • It’s the middle of summer, and the parties are getting sizzling hot! Join the fun on the island with Zebra and Astronaut who have finally broken the ice with the locals and are ready to have a blast.
  • Unlock two unique thematic costumes - one for male, and the other for female characters.
  • New Career, Brawls, Battle Cases, and a bunch of challenges to complete - just the way you like! 

17.2 - July 29th


The new update brings multiple usability improvements to the Specializations tab. Now opening the arsenal shows your current loadout instead of the familiar Legend AR. And in case you don’t have a loadout, you’ll see a weapon most relevant to your current level. Fewer taps so you can get back to the battle quicker! 

Additionally, there are several new places you can get the info on the loadouts. It’s displayed in the elimination and MVP screens, in the table during the battle, when creating a group, in the player's profile, and in spectator mode. 

The perk selection screen now shows player's in-game currency balance - you'll know exactly how many perks you can splurge on. Moreover, to further enhance the user experience, we've made it possible to get all the information on a perk and even upgrade it right in the panel of equipped perks.

And a little treat. We've tinkered with notifications, and now you'll be quick to know about any changes in your case count in the arsenal. Whenever you get a new case, you'll get a notification along with it.


  • We fixed the issue that made the charge bar's filling speed too fast for some sniper rifles.
  • Athlete, Pulse, and Beat insignias are now displayed correctly.
  • In some cases, animations and the sounds of shooting and explosions, while in the 3rd person view, did not work. We have fixed the problem that caused this.
  • The "Dismantle Duplicates" button can be found in the Masks and Costumes sections again.
  • We fixed the bug that occurred when opening the daily marathon window for beginners.
  • We fixed the UI issue on some devices that made it impossible to decline a friend request.
  • Notifications about befriending someone will now be displayed only in the Friends tab - no more pop-ups during a battle.
  • Clanmates who are not a player's friend no longer appear in his friend list; this bug could lead to game freezing or crashing, and now it's all fixed.
  • We fixed the timer for the power-ups in the Power Play brawl; also, the power-ups are now displayed correctly.
  • We fixed the issue that sometimes caused the game to crash and malfunction when changing equipment on the Eliminate screen.
  • Screen with battle results now works great on iPhone 11 Pro.
  • The character's display bug, which occurred when trying on customization items in the Outlet, was fixed.
  • We fixed the volume of sounds that dynamic objects on the map make.


  • In update 17.1 we fixed the rare bug that made it impossible to leave a group created from recent teammates. 

17.1 - July 13th


We’ve reworked the Friends tab in the main menu and added handy lists. Now, you can see your friends, players you recently played with, friend requests, and even blocked players at a glance. Also, your friends in the game and friends from social networks are now on the same list - it’s much simpler!


  • The end-of-battle stats screen now displays correctly
  • Battle duration now displays correctly
  • Fixed the bug which prevented players from buying female masks and costumes for scraps
  • New Battle Career rank window will not appear above the fair window
  • The background on the Clash tab now displays correctly on iPhone 11
  • Fixed the issue which didn’t let the player leave the group after pressing “To Lobby” button after the battle
  • Fixed the progress bar animation for rating and experience gained through watching an ad
  • Fixed the color of the Snowboarder mask
  • The Farseer mask now looks fine when equipped
  • Fixed the display of Field Medic and Baseball Cap masks

17.0 - June 24th


It’s all about the underground movement, counterculture, graffiti, and being young at heart! During Season 13, players can rank up in Battle Career, get unique hype costumes and masks, different street-art insignias and skins, as well as score Battle Coins and Career Experience in weekend activities, which feature a completely new brawl.


New players now get additional rewards on earlier levels, so they progress faster and start enjoying mid-level content earlier. If you have friends who were hesitant to try a mobile shooter, now’s the perfect time for them to give it a go!


We’ve improved the heads on both male and female characters - now they look even better and sharper than before.


  • Fixed the scores of players in Free For All matches.
  • The “All Members” button now appears on the score screen only when some players had left the match and not all the time. 
  • Equipment icons on the specialization tab are now displayed correctly.
  • Sometimes players saw ads after pressing the “Battle!” button - fixed that.
  • Fixed the textures of the Qrrior costume at upgrade level 9.
  • All players in the Platinum league now see an updated end-of-battle window.
  • Fixed the animation of receiving League Rating.
  • Foxed the screen overlay error at the end of battles. 


  • Fixed the issue with the “Battle!” button: after some matches, it played video ads instead of taking the player to a new match. 
  • Fixed the error which caused the elimination feed to disappear in battle after changing game language.
  • Fixed the error which caused players to leave their groups if they went to the main lobby after finishing a match. Now the group stays together.
  • Fixed the glitch with doubling of player models after pressing the Share button in the profile window.
  • Fixed the problem with the Icebreaker marking female characters on the sides of their models.
  • Animations of gaining and losing league ranking points are now back.
  • Game version is now shown in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Fixed the bug which prevented players from trying on weapon skins at the outlet.
  • Platinum league players used to see an old rating point window after each battle. Now that’s fixed.

16.1 - June 15th


We reworked the screen you see after the fights. We made it much more informative and neat. Now you can keep a watchful eye on the progress you're making in the leagues and in the season, as well as check whether you got any rewards for ranking up. We've made some improvements to how your achievements are displayed, too. Now they’re graphical and are shown in a separate tab.


We’ve added the option to open the Schedule window right from the loading screen. Now all the relevant information on the in-game activities is only one tap away.


We were so excited to add female characters to the game that we completely overlooked that their hands were a bit...uneven. Now everything is fixed, and our ladies are as symmetrical as we intended them to be.


  • Fixed the bug that allowed characters to move around while showing the emotes.
  • Some players had issues with equipping weapon skins and emotes — all fixed now.
  • The “Get” button in the store sometimes did not provide the purchased cases; the stubborn button now works well.
  • Fixed the bug that in some cases made the player's character to be displayed in the menu incorrectly (it was shown doubled or moved to the Arsenal). 
  • Due to a nasty bug, some players were not able to create loadouts. Took care of this as well.
  • Now the score table for the match displays the active specialization, rather than the specialization of the player's primary loadout.
  • Esports loadouts now show all weapons available for the competition, instead of the ones the player has in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed incorrect display of equipment and weapon grades in the player's profile.
  • Fixed an issue with the female character hitbox that prevented some headshots from registering as headshots.
  • Solved the issue that made it impossible to equip the Qrrior costume.
  • The "Equipment" button was removed from the player's profile since its functions overlapped with the Loadouts window.

16.0 - May 14th


We know you’ve been waiting for it, and it’s finally here – the ability to select a female character! Season 12 expands the game’s lore and reveals a lost island where well-armed and exceptionally trained ladies set up their base of operations. New character models, a new map, as well as new costumes and accessories!


You can customize your specialization loadouts with your selected character, costume, and mask, and you can also use the same customization items for several loadouts (unlike guns, which should be unique to each loadout). Keep in mind, that costumes and masks are gender-dependent, so when you try to apply a male mask to a female character, your character’s gender will change automatically.


We’re launching a closed beta of a completely new competitive format called Clash Tournaments. It’s a unique game mode that brings the esports experience to all players. Doesn’t matter if you’re a lone wolf or a premade team of four – Clash Tournaments will let you enjoy competitive battles on a whole new level! This feature is currently available to players level 45+. 

15.2 -  May 6th


As we keep adding fresh new content to the game, some of the weapons and equipment items need fine-tuning. In version 15.2, we addressed some of the most critical and pressing balance issues in the game. Popular guns and helmets are getting tweaked!


From now on, Island: Ruins and Farm: Harvest are in the main map pool. You may remember the first one from Corp Wars events, and the second one from our Halloween event. Enjoy the new locations!


From now on, debuff effects do not apply to the target if the attacker has been eliminated before the bullets hit the target. This is valid when the attacker is using one of the following weapons: Sting, Incinerator, Salamander, Odin, Dragonfire, Survivor, Iceberg, Prometheus, Phoenix, Daryl's Crossbow, Traitor, Ranger, Porcupine, Avalanche, Orion, Armageddon, Jack Frost, Zeus, Rick's Revolver and Lucille. 

15.1 - April 13


  • You can switch them as many times as you want
  • You are limited only by the time of the warmup
  • If a player connects to a battle that has already started, they cannot change loadouts


  • Stay Home Event — player insignias and clan names were not shown correctly in the event rating window, and also all players were part of a clan that didn’t exist. Fixed all that.
  • Season 11 — Starlight, Space Storm, and Cosmos weapon skins were on the Rare tab of the Arsenal when in reality, Starlight is Legendary, and Space Storm and Cosmos are Unique. We’ve put them where they belong.
  • Players dropped below the ground while trying to walk through players using the Dance Machine emote. Now that’s fixed. 
  • Esports — team names did not display correctly on the victory screen for tournament spectators. Fixed!

15.0 - April 1


  • Season 11 Battle Career features additional ranks, and thus additional rewards. Reach rank 40, and then try to climb an additional 10! Get Elite career for even more great loot and awesome rewards!
  • Staying at home is ten times as fun when you got a set of 6 amazing weekend brawls coming your way. Give them all a try!
  • Battle Cases with neat weapons - this season, you’ll get a chance to assemble the legendary Dragonfire and Last Breath.
  • The space-themed season calls for space-themed cosmetics. We’ve prepared some really amazing costumes and emotes that’ll take you out of the Earth’s gravitational pull.

HOTFIXES - March 26


Stage III offers a challenging and exciting PvE CO-OP mode that’ll put your survival skills to the ultimate test. All the activities before now have been a preparation for this final showdown!


  • There was an error when a player saw an empty main lobby when returning from a PvE fight. Fixed it.
  • Emotes on the MVP screen were only visible to the people who activated them. Fixed!
  • The lobby was missing textures of the campfire, the rain, and the car’s headlights. Found them and put them back.
  • The MVP screen showed crates, orbs, and other objects if they were on the MVP spot at the end of a match. Took care of that.
  • The history of PvP fights was missing the opponent’s team score. Added it back.
  • No orbs dropped after eliminating an enemy with Reaper. Fixed.
  • The esports loadouts showed weapon grades from the player’s personal Arsenal when in reality, all weapon grades should be equalized to player level 22. Fixed.
  • In a third-person view, the bat sounded like a knife. Fixed the sound.

14.1 - March 19th


The first two stages are behind, and it’s time for the final one. It’ll feature another PvE mode, and a whole TWO FAIRS instead of one. Hurry up and farm all you want before event is over!


Experience 2 new weekend brawls! Try to grab as many supplies as you can before getting eliminated by opponents in Supply Run, and try to protect precious resources from greedy enemies in Interception.


Visit the 2 new fairs to get “Lucille” and Rick’s Revolver, and don’t forget to complete Daryl’s Crossbow as well as Survivor. All 4 fairs will be unlocked before March 31.


If you take part in tournaments or are a professional esports player, you’ll now have a special tab in the arsenal where your competitive loadouts will be stored - separate from your casual ones.

Read the full list of restricted items. More weapons and equipment will be allowed in tournaments in the future. Stay tuned for updates!

14.0 - February 20th


  • This epic event is divided into 3 stages: each will feature a number of unique activities, fairs, and challenges. 
  • New PvE mode where you battle hordes of walkers, raiders, and whisperers. Read The Stage I Guide here. 
  • Unique PvP mode featuring 3 teams of 3 players. Only one can win though!
  • Challenges, daily and stage ratings, as well as a full Battle Career with the ability to get additional rewards after rank 40.
  • A variety of distinct locations inspired by the TV show
  • 4 weapons from The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes’ revolver, Negan’s barbed-wire baseball bat “Lucille”, the rapid “Survivor” assault rifle, and the star of the season — Daryl Dixon’s crossbow.
  • Tons of cosmetics like costumes, masks, emotes, weapon skins and insignias • you can even get Daryl’s costume to complete your post-apocalyptic look.
  • Redesigned elements on many classical maps to make gameplay even more immersive.


The fixed camera button in Spectator Mode disappeared. Fixed – now it's back where it belongs!

13.1 - January 29th

Balance tweaks, new pistols, and knives, fully reworked Private Matches


In this update, we’re balancing some of the items based on your feedback to make gameplay with Specializations more engaging. You can find all the balance details in our article - Balance Changes In Update 13.1.


Another step towards improving loadouts and making them more flexible. We’ve added 2 new pistols (Cascade and Bulldog) and 2 new knives (Shark and Fang)! Check them out and add some close-combat power to your specializations! Everything you should know is here: Update 13.1 - Knives, Pistols And New Private Matches.


Invite anyone, not just your in-game friends, by sharing a special code that lets players join directly into your group even as spectators. Just copy the lobby ID and send it to the person you want via social media or Discord or any other way to start your own small tournament!


If your QRRIOR costume is not completed, now you won’t be seeing the “Upgrade Max” button, but you’ll be suggested to complete the costume or to close the window instead. 

13.0 - January 21st 

SEASON 9 - Tactical Operations - Season 9 Guide

  • This season is shorter than most — only 28 days — so we can bring you the EPIC Season 10 faster
  • Only 4 brawls. However, if you’ve got the Season Pass, you’ll still get all the Battle Coins as you would from 6 brawls! Look at the list of brawls - Brawler’s Guide To Season 9.
  • More XP rewards! The daily marathon and bonus prizes now give you more experience upon completion, so you move faster through Battle Career
  • Perk Cases – a new reward in this season’s Battle Career. Improve your loadouts - read The Complete Perk Guide!
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