What’s up Gunslinger! Hope you're enjoying Season 13 so far. This season is all about enjoying the big city vibes. And a big part of what makes a city distinctive is independent visual art. "A city without graffiti is a city without a soul!" as Didier "Jaba" Mathieu, the famous street artist, once said. To paraphrase him, Gods of Boom would not be complete without its community and your art contributions. There are many outstanding visual creators around the world, and we wanted to give them the credit they deserve.

The Dark Future mask which you can earn by reaching level 8 in this season's Battle Career, was created by Omar Ruiz, a talented artist from Mexico, in our Create a Mask contest on Facebook. Now the mask has become a regular part of the game for all to use and enjoy. 

Oh, and by the way, he also made an awesome costume to go with the mask for another Facebook art contest. How do you like the complete look?

Be sure to participate in the next creative contests. Maybe the item you create, will become an item worth grinding for!

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