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Hidden features have been a favorite among game designers throughout history. Guns of Boom is no stranger to Easter Eggs, and today we’ll tell you about the 5 hidden secrets of the game!


Halloween is all about spooky things. You know what cows consider to be the spookiest thing ever? Alien flying saucers! No wonder, sometimes they abduct the cows never to return them home to Earth. So… the Easter Egg on this King of the Hill map is activated be the whole team of four, who need to come into contact with extraterrestrial life forms. How do they contact them? You’ll have to find out yourself. 


It’s a colorful map set at night. What can color the night best? Oh, FIREWORKS! That’s the hidden secret of this location: just watch your feet and you’ll find the key to launching a ton of beautiful fireworks into the night sky! 


The Egg is pretty neat: one of the cableway carts starts moving at an amazing speed like it has a jet engine! You can unlock this secret by being close to winter sports – wink-wink. Please note: this only works on the event version of the map, if you try and launch it now, the Easter Egg won’t work. However, you can wait for the next New Year event and give it a try. 


Dragons are one of the main attributes of ancient Eastern legends. The fables have it, that dragons are the watchers and overseers of this world we live in. On Asia: Waterfront you can actually summon a real dragon. How do you do it? Just forget about your fears and stare right in the face of fate! 


Finally, we come to the latest map in the game – Island: Ruins. It’s full of cool features as it is, but it also has a hidden secret. After all, it’s set among enigmatic ancient ruins of a lost civilization – there’s gotta be some secrets lying around! The activated secret will show you some of the constellations in the sky. Activating the secret requires you to follow the way of the serpent… 

That’s a wrap for today. If you want to tell the world that you’ve found all the Easter Eggs or want to ask for advice on how to activate hidden secrets, check out our Facebook!

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