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Event duration: May 14-21

Hey, Gunslinger! You've been asking us for this for a very long time, and who are we to say 'no' to your requests? Yes, finally, we're bringing the female characters to the game. Choose the one you like, and show 'em what 'fighting like a girl' actually means!


To let you enjoy the latest addition to the fullest, the event is entirely devoted to our gorgeous yet deadly girls. It is available to players level 3 and up. With only 1 stage, the event starts on May 14 and will last for seven days. Join in and score nice and handy items by completing the special female-centric challenges.


There won't be any ratings this time; however you're offered to complete nine free challenges. Apart from gunbucks and consumables that you’ll get for your results, you'll be awarded a new outstanding insignia if you nail all the challenges. Is it worth it? SPOILER ALERT: it is!


We can't wait to see you on our new map — Island: Promenade. Vibrant houses, cobblestone pavements, old trams… Explosions, eliminations, shootouts! The map is available through the event as well as the regular matchmaking, but since it's in King of the Hill mode, you'll have to be at least level 10. Time to pick your loadouts and get down to business. 

Don't make the ladies wait, Gunslinger! Go in there and start grinding for the new good stuff.

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