The summer is getting hotter by the minute, and so are the parties! ZeeBro and Astronaut finally made friends with the island locals, and they’re having a fest to celebrate – join the fun!


The 2020 Summer Beach Bash on the island features not one but TWO headlinersParty Crab and Surfer! One is an unstoppable dance-machine with a wild look, and the other’s a fearless wave rider who is extreme to the bone.

Slick moves

Do you think you’re a good dancer? Well, look at Party Crab and think again. This guy’s moves make the world go round and the crowd – wild.

Grooving to the music doesn’t sound too hardcore? Then take a look at Surfer: she’ll show you how to ride the biggest waves. Be careful when asking about the teeth markings on her board - it’s a touchy subject, and she’s holding an epic grudge against the shark that wrecked her surf.

Party activities

Standing in the corner and sipping on your soda while the rest of the people have a blast isn’t the best option. So join one of the 6 weekend activities of Season 14 to unwind, have some fun, and get some rewards. Remember: weekend brawls now give you Battle Career experience and Battle Coins! More info about brawls in our The Complete Brawls Guide.

Party loot

What separates a good party from an awesome one? Stuff you can take home! This time, you can get a whole assortment of masks, skins, and insignias, which will keep the memory of this awesome summer festival alive for years to come!

We recommend to take a closer look at this seasons' special skins for Berserk shotgun and Orochi Bow.

Party like a pro

When you’re a serious gunslinger, even parties require preparation and a thoughtful approach. That’s exactly why we have Battle Career – a clear progression to follow during the season. Sign an Elite Contract to get even more benefits for ranking up and completing challenges – it’s totally worth it!

That’s the general info about the Summer Season. You can find more details on brawls and weapons in Battle Cases in the Schedule. Rave on, gunslingers! 

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