We're nearing the end of Stage 1 of the epic Season 10 that we've made in collaboration with AMC's The Walking Dead. If you're an avid gamer yourself, you probably already dug into the good stuff this event has to offer. Some of the popular gaming YouTubers did that too. They shared their impressions of the latest additions to the game: modes, weapons, costumes. Watch the videos if you want to relive the exciting parts once again, or if you’re still indecisive about whether you should join in, maybe these videos will help you make up your mind.

Julez takes on PvE Mode

Julez was one of the first players to post his review of the exclusive PvE mode that we introduced this season. Not only did he share little tips about the best loadouts, he also raised a fundamental question: why do the dead walk instead of run? Well, if that was the case, they'd be called the running dead!

Gunrag Singh, Daryl Dixon, and their adventures during the apocalypse

Our homeboy, Gunrag Singh, went for the ultimate TWD experience and not only put on Daryl's Costume, but he also armed himself with Daryl's fully maxed Crossbow. Watch how he wrecks all the enemies.

Wefg Game defends supplies from walkers

Wefg Game, from the sunny Dominican Republic, sends his regards to the Spanish speaking Gods of Boom community and offers his take on the new PvE mode. Just so you know, the video is in Spanish.

Kryptic Kiddo tests Daryl's Crossbow

If you're a fan of the series, you probably dreamed of getting your hands on Daryl's epic Crossbow. We've worked hard on this piece of gear to do this weapon justice in the game as well. Watch the video by Kryptic Kiddo, where he tests this beauty in action.

Werewolf vs. Walkers

Blogger CG TV, offers you the chance to experience the PvE mode with Portuguese commentary. He does an outstanding job eliminating those Walkers and the irony is that he does this while wearing the Werewolf mask. Looks like, in the hierarchy of all things monstrous, werewolves outrank the zombies. What do you guys think?

Thanks for watching guys! Do your own reviews and letsplays, and you may find your video in the next compilation on our website.

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