[DAY 35]

After the recent defeat on the island, we had to fall back and were dispatched to the A-13 facility to regroup and start working on a new weapon. We’re all done setting up, and will soon move to prototyping and, with some luck, field testing. The engineers and scientists are in high spirits — they believe this new model will turn the tide of battle in our favor next time we meet with Pandora.

[DAY 96]

We got the first stable prototype working. It’s got some unexpected features like making the target dizzy, disoriented and unable to move properly, yet the whole team is pleased with the results. While celebrating the first successful test, Dr. [REDACTED] suggested the name Bear Trap. I fully support this choice and think [REDACTED] will too – he’s a die-hard hunter, as far as I know.

[DAY 161]

Today, we had the first minor accident. Sgt. [REDACTED] stepped into the shooting range sometime after we carried out the tests with the fully buffed prototype. Looks like the traps stay in place longer when the weapon is at maximum efficiency. The gunslinger has received medical attention and will be back to service in a few days, yet we need to adjust the weapon in such a way that traps don’t affect allies.

[DAY 203]

Success! The gun has been equipped with a state-of-the-art IFF module and no longer affects allies. We still need to make some final adjustments to make it stable and fit for service, but we’re nearly there!

[DAY 268]
Incoming intel from [REDACTED] who’s a trusted source of ours, indicates that Pandora is working on a [REDACTED] somewhere off the coast of [REDACTED]. They’re still far from finishing construction, but the site is buzzing with activity. Analysts say that they may be looking “upwards” for answers after studying that island artifact. To my knowledge, we have no projects of that kind ATM, so I strongly suggest striking them while the iron’s literally hot and taking advantage of their new base for our own needs. The Beartrap is ready for field use, and my team is eager to test it out in battle conditions. Awaiting further instructions and ready to move out on your command.

[DAY 270]
We’re flying out to [REDACTED] tonight at H-Hour. The squad is fully equipped with the newest gear, and we plan to wreak havoc as soon as we get there. Eyes on the spot say the whole object is crawling with Pandora mercs, so there’s a lot of work ahead. This is my last communication from A-13. Wish us luck – it looks like this is going to be a hot one.

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