We’re at the start of a new era in Gods of Boom, at the start of a new ACT! Brave New Season began the transformation of the game, and now we’re confirming this evolutionary leap by switching to Act 2, instead of just moving on to a new season.

Season UI

New beginnings require new visuals – and boy do we have those! The Battle Career UI received a complete overhaul: it’s more user-friendly, convenient, and better-looking in every pixel. Check out the video to see the drastic changes.

Lobby Visuals

The game starts with the main lobby for players of all levels from all over the world. It’s also the place where you come to take a breather after your battles. It’s important to make it cozier. That’s why we’ve given the lobby screen a noticeable update. But you know, a picture’s worth a thousand words…

Snow Trap

The characters of our new story are stranded on a polar station, awaiting their retrieval back to civilization. They do hope to reach home before the holidays, but the weather at this latitude can be tricky… So, while the gunslingers are sitting around killing time, one of them decides to tell a fairytale. Want to listen? Once upon a time...

Winter Attire

The new season features much more than just updated UI graphics. We’ve added unique winter-themed cosmetics to the game which will make your character cooler than ever. Don’t miss the frosty costumes, the icy weapon skins, and the adorable Warming Up emote!

Battle Career

Once again, all gunslingers get access to the 40 days of Battle Career. The changes we’ve made in Brave New Season are here to stay, so if you’ve been away for a while - here’s an article about these changes. Rank up, gear up, and sign up for the Elite Career if you’re the real deal.

Season Fairs

As usual, we’ll have 2 Battle Fairs during the season with a total of 16 items to choose from. If you wish to find more details about the upcoming fair, check out this article. Info about the second Battle Fair will appear sometime later.

Chilling Brawl

What good is a weekend if you can’t eliminate gunslingers left and right? It’s no good, agreed! That’s why we got a set of 6 bombastic brawls backed into our new season. Here’s the list, and if you want to get a more detailed description of each one, head over here.

More News

Well, that’s mostly it about Act 2, Season 1. But that’s definitely not all the news we’ve prepared for you in 2020. Stay tuned, because we’ve got more exciting stuff to share which we’ll show REALLY SOON!

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