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Over the years, the Gods of Boom arsenal expanded with various weapons that sport lots of different perks. While all of the perks are dangerous to some degree, some are only mildly annoying; others, though, can give you a really hard time. We still think that these challenging fighting mechanics is what makes hardcore games so appealing, but we will throw you a life line against weapons with some of the nasty effects: the vest that utilizes poison and piercing damage to your advantage. Meet the Antidote!

  • Purification perk: when you wear the Antidote vest, incoming piercing and poison damage does you no harm and restores part of your armor instead.
  • The vest unlocks at level 1 for 100 fragments and can be upgraded 18 times. 
  • The amount of damage turned into armor ranges from 20% at the base level to 100% at level 17.
  • The vest can be used with all specializations.

Survivor's piercing shots, Orochi's poisoned arrows, Serpent's poisonous blade — if you're finding yourself vulnerable against these weapons more often than not, Antidote might be the gear that you need. Use the excessive power of your enemies against them! This vest is available at the New Year's event fair.

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