One of the iconic weapons from the Trejo Tournament event is back for the second stage of this season’s Battle Fair – it’s Desperado! Compact, available to players of all levels, and extremely effective as a finishing weapon – let’s take a closer look at this daring shotgun.

  • Eliminator perk: your damage temporarily increases with each opponent you eliminate with this gun, damage boosts stack up to 3 times
  • Desperado can be used by all players, starting from level 1
  • The shotgun can be upgraded 5 times at levels 1/10/10/16/22
  • Desperado’s base firepower is 480 — nothing to write home about — but it increases up to 1800. When paired with the perk’s damage buff, it’s more than enough to keep enemies running away
  • The shotgun shines as a finisher: you start off by doing damage from a distance with your AR or sniper rifle and then come face-to-face to close the deal with Desperado

This is not a hero weapon that’ll let you single-handedly take down whole servers. It’s an elimination-stealing shotgun that works best when you suddenly emerge from the shadows in the back of a wounded team. Desperado is a tactical gun that can change the tide of battle, but it will need your cunning and wits to truly shine!

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