Throughout time, legendary weapons were given personal names as a tool for creating a memorable narrative. It allowed the weapon to have a presence in the story and even its own personality of sorts: Big Bertha, Screaming Mimi, 30 Mike Mike, the list goes on. 

In Gods of Boom there's Dolores — a dangerous lady from the shotgun family. It was first introduced in the Trejo Tournament two years ago, and has captured many a gunslinger’s heart since then. The best things about this beauty are high damage, long range, and increased reload speed after eliminations. It also has an additional clip for when you’re on a roll. 

Let’s break it down:

  • A fully upgraded Dolores is among the Top-5 shotguns in the game by minimum and maximum single shot damage
  • Perk Reload Boost: eliminating an enemy with this gun speeds up reload time by 60% for the next 5 seconds
  • Good capacity thanks to the perk, Extra Clip — 18 bullets (3 magazines, 6 bullets each)
  • Amazing range — up to 11 meters
  • High accuracy — Dolores is 2.5 times more precise than Onslaught
  • Quite noticeable recoil makes the aiming more challenging and takes a bit of getting used to
  • The shotgun unlocks at level 22 for 1000 fragments, and can be upgraded twice, at levels 30/36, for 500/1000 fragments, respectively

Dolores is one of the mightiest shotguns in the game that can turn you into a real master of eliminations with its lightning-fast reloads, amazing range, and high accuracy. Play at the Battle Fair Stage 1 during the Brave New Season for a chance to get it. If you want to learn more about Battle Fair and its items, read our article!

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