While running his everyday ninja errands, the great Shinobi came across drawings of an ancient bow, carefully hidden in the Air Temple. He took them to the bow master, his old acquaintance, who managed to recreate the ancient bow, but made it even better by combining the old traditions of craftsmanship with modern technology. Thus the legendary Orochi was born.

The Orochi bow was made exclusively for the Shinobi's Vengeance event and has several peculiar qualities.

  • Orochi belongs to the rifle family. It shows outstanding efficiency both at long and short ranges, but requires reasonable control and ability to predict your opponent's movements
  • Orochi has the Charged Shot perk: the longer you hold the bowstring drawn, the bigger the damage is. The shot is released when the target gets in the crosshairs or when the tension reaches its peak.
  • The Charged Shot perk comes with a price though. While aiming or drawing the bow your movement speed decreases.
  • Orochi also features the Snake Bite perk: a wounded enemy loses health gradually and moves at a slower speed.
  • The maximum firing distance of the bow is 45 meters.
  • The maximum damage is 2335 HP (4200 in the head)
  • Orochi unlocks at level 1 for 1000 fragments and can be upgraded 5 times at levels 1/10/22/28/34 for 100/200/300/500/900 fragments, respectively.

Throughout time, speed, stamina, and focus were the biggest virtue of the samurai. Orochi is a great tool to develop your warrior abilities, and if you're already at your peak performance, this bow will be your best friend on the glorious quest for dominance. Look for it at the Fair during the epic Shinobi's Vengeance event!

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