Stealthy ninjas were feared by many because of the vast range of weapons and their adept usage of them. One such weapon was the legendary Serpent, a sword earned by young warriors after they completed their training. One could consider it a symbol of determination since only those who spend many years learning the ways of the samurai have the honor of carrying Serpent, and of becoming a true member of the clan. That, or winning it at the Fair. In Gods of Boom, this works just as well.

The legendary ancient weapon returns for the Shinobi's Vengeance event. Serpent belongs to the knife category and has a few notable qualities.

  • This excellent melee weapon has a unique mechanic called the Snake Bite: a wounded enemy loses health gradually and moves at a slower speed.
  • Maximum damage is 1800 HP, which makes Serpent one of the most deadly knives in the game
  • The short sword unlocks at level 16 for 1000 fragments and can be upgraded 4 times at levels 16/22/28/34 for 300/500/700/900 fragments, respectively.

So do you have what it takes to become the proud owner of Serpent? Join the competition in Shinobi's Vengeance and don't forget to swing by the Fair.

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