This time-honored weapon, stored in a sturdy case away from corrosion and the elements, ended up in the hands of our gunslingers in pristine shape. The Chopper was built to make its mark in armed conflicts, and by the looks of it, can work under even the most extreme conditions. The Chopper belongs to the Assault Rifle class and will become a great tool that can perform well, both in ranged standoffs and close encounters.

However, there is much more to this outstanding gun. Let's break it down. 

  • The Chopper features a perk called the Needle: this classic assault rifle has the ability to deal damage through armor — a feature that is completely new in Gods of Boom.
  • Another extremely useful active ability is Right Through: piercing bullets inflict damage to all enemies in the firing line.
  • The enormous firing power is offset by a relatively small magazine though — 30 bullets.
  • The maximum firing distance is 22 meters; the minimum firing distance is 12.
  • The Chopper unlocks at level 16 for 1000 fragments and can be upgraded three times at levels 22/28/34, for 300/500/1000 fragments, respectively.

The Chopper is an excellent addition to your Arsenal and can devastate multiple enemies in seconds if they get in the way of this AR. Swing by the fair during the Military Games to have a chance of getting your hands on this precious gun from the past.

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