This year's Lunar festival gave us more than just a great time. It gave us the Wasp — a mean assault rifle, lethal at close range thanks to its high-speed fire rate, and three powerful perks. Wasp is quite literally a pain and let us tell you why.

Three game-changing perks:

  • Reload Boost — Wasp reloads faster after elimination.
  • Tempered — Wasp hits harder, for a short period, if the player who bears it is frozen or on fire.
  • Close-range — The damage output gets higher the closer Wasp is to the target.

Other important stats:

  • Great fire rate of 950 shots per minute.
  • 3 mags of 27 rounds.
  • Quite noticeable recoil.
  • The AR unlocks at level 16 for 1000 fragments and can be upgraded three times at levels 22/28/34, for 300/500/1000 fragments, respectively.

Great stats and impressive perks make Wasp an extremely lethal close-range weapon for those who don't mind taking risks. All the more reasons to swing by this season's first Battle Fair, where Wasp made it on to the list of featured items.

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