You need more vests, Gunslinger, trust us. It's impossible to experience Spec-swapping gameplay or build an effective rush-and-snipe or support-and-rush combo without at least a couple of vests. Here's where the Zero comes in handy

Its passive perk, Freeze Protection, will give you frost resistance — a great hedge against those who have mastered the challenging art of using special abilities. The modus operandi is pretty straightforward as well, and during battles, simplicity is king!

Key features:

  • Zero vest reduces freeze damage from cold-dealing weapons by 30%, as long as there's armor remaining.
  • This vest can be assembled from fragments and has 30 upgrade levels.

For the curious, the list of guns and gear that Zero is effective against is as follows:

As intense as battles can get, at least cold is something you won't have to worry about while wearing the Zero vest! If you think this gear may fit into your arsenal, be sure to check out the first Battle Fair this season. And let us leave you with a pro tip: always max out your armor (but not at the expense of your primary weapon, of course).

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