Hello, my friends! Diwali is a beautiful festival of lights celebrated every autumn. It symbolizes the victory of light over the power of darkness. I feel this is in tune with what the resistance is doing in the Brave New Season. We too are fighting the darkness with each little spark and flame.

Take a look at the festivities – you’re sure to find something worth your time.


Diwali celebrations will take 7 days between November 12-19. During that time, all gunslingers level 5 and over are welcome to take part in the event and win some rewards.


The Diwali event has 10 challenges for everyone: 3 of them you get automatically when the festival starts, the other 7 will unlock if you sign a contract. As usual, once you complete all the challenges, you can reroll and get a set of new ones with even more rewards.


Completing challenges during the event will get you various rewards including Battle Coins, consumables of all sorts, a shiny silver skin for Chopper, and THE STAR costume – an exhilarating mix of authentic tradition and modern style.

So let’s light up the skies, let’s chase the darkness away, and prove to ourselves that a million little candles can shine brighter than the biggest bonfire. Stay strong friends, and don’t give in to darkness.

By the way, don't forget to visit Maia's holiday stream on Friday!

Your friend,

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