Hey gunslingers! It's great to see that you wish to play in Challengermode tournaments.

The five most important rules you need to know to be prepared for GoB tournaments:

  1. Aim assist is disabled in tournament battles.
  2. Player HP/Armor equalized to level 22 - 2000 HP and 1800 Armor. All weapons, armor, and consumables have special balance settings. You can find the exact numbers here.
  3. In tournaments, you will use special Esports Loadouts. You will get access to them right after verifying your in-game account on Challengermode. Set them up in advance before the tournament starts.
  4. You have a 3-minute pause between matches and a 2-minute pause between battles in your current match for preparations.
  5. Tournament participants are strictly prohibited from using emulators & rooted/jailbroken devices.

This step-by-step picture guide will tell you all you need to know to participate in a tournament and feel the authentic competitive rush!

Step 1

First of all, register on

You can sign up with your email address or use your Facebook, Twitch, or Discord accounts.

Step 2

Connect your Gods of Boom account to the Challengermode account. To do this, either follow this link or find the game through the search feature.

After that, press Add game account and enter your game ID.

You can find it in the upper part of your profile in the game.

After entering your ID on Challengermode, confirm the registration by pressing Verify in a message in your in-game mail.

That’s it! After that, you can take part in any Gods of Boom tournament.

Step 3

Go to the game’s page and select one of the upcoming tournaments.

Step 4

Press the Join Tournament button.

You will be prompted to either join solo and assemble a temporary team or join with one of your existing permanent teams. 

If you decide to join solo, you can invite your Challengermode friends to your temporary team after the registration. Your team’s name will be identical to your Challengermode profile name. Also, if Free Agents are allowed by the tournament’s host, you can join solo and Challengermode will try to match you with other players right before the tournament starts.

If you decide to join as a team, you’ll be immediately prompted to select one of the teams and invite your friends.

If you receive a warning that you need a certain number of players to participate, press the Edit Team button to add more teammates. 

Step 5

Make sure to Check-In before the game and confirm that you’re ready to play. The person hosting the tournament decides when this phase takes place. You can see how much time is left before Check-Ins on the main page of the tournament.

Step 6

Launch the game a few minutes before the tournament starts. As soon as it begins, you’ll receive a notification that your lobby is ready along with an invitation to it.

If you miss the invitation, you can join the tournament lobby through the mode selection screen. The player count to the left of the Battle button will show you how many people are in your tournament lobby.

You can open the tournament bracket page straight from the game lobby by pressing the “i” button in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 7

After a victory in a series of maps against one opponent (a match), wait for the invitation to the next match. You will get notifications about your next game starting on the Challengermode and the tournament pages as well. 

Step 8

See your results on the tournament page and come play in the next competition! Every new tournament is more than a means of winning or losing — it’s a chance to hone your skills in battles against more skilled opponents!

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