Hey, Gunslinger! Another year is coming to an end, so we'll take this as an excuse (as if we ever needed an excuse!) to shower you with gifts and offer you all sorts of exclusive content that we came up with solely for the purpose of making your holidays even more awesome. New maps, new mode, new stuff for your Arsenal, and so on. Let's take a closer look at the New Year event! 

New map with a new game mode

Dash through the snow on the new Arctic: Base map and enjoy the new Delivery Run mode! Race the other team, and carry holiday gifts to the container brought by a helicopter. The team which carries the most gifts wins! Sounds easier than it is, though: you'll have to deliver the gifts before the helicopter leaves, otherwise you'll need to wait for it to return. And, please, try not to get eliminated while you're making the delivery because you'll lose everything you collected!

Remade map for the new purpose

Enjoy the holiday spirits in the festive streets with an authentic ambiance on the map Europe: New Year, that we created a few holiday seasons ago. This time the mode played on the map is Zone Control, the one you came to know and love. Stay on your toes, move with the fight, and don't let the enemy outsmart you! The opponents won't go easy on you just because it's the holidays!

An old mode with a twist

Pack your suitcase and head for an adventure in the mountains because we're inviting you to the well-known location, Mountain: Chalet, where you'll be playing in the Payload game mode. The familiar mode will surprise you with a nice twist this time: the Payload heals the attacking team while they are close to it.

The New Year Rating

During the New Year event, you'll be competing for a place in the special event rating. The more productive you are on the battlefield, the more event points you'll get. There are two kinds of ratings you can get into: the daily rating where the top players of the day get the rewards, and the general rating at the end of the event. You can get cases, consumables and gain experience every day, while at the end of the event, the prizes will include exclusive insignias and consumable packs.

Exclusive stuff at the fairs

A real winter holiday is not complete without fairs. During this event, three awesome fairs will be available. Choose the one you want the most, or take part in every single one to collect more gifts! It's well worth it because, at the fairs, you can win fragments of the new powerful shotgun, the Joker, fragments of the helmet with an active ability, the Bulwark, and fragments of the notorious Icebreaker sniper rifle. The fairs will also feature new electro-grenades and other fun-to-use equipment. Hard to imagine a better gift! 

Cool items you can get

Now more about the new weapons you can win at the fairs. Joker is a new shotgun that has a special, although a bit unpredictable trait: some shots deal increased damage; however, you can never know when it’s gonna happen. We hope you love surprises! 

Bulwark is a type of headgear with an active ability. When activated, it creates a sphere-like shield around you that reduces both the incoming and outcoming damage. It also has a passive perk: while wearing it, your health is gradually restored if you don’t take any further damage. 

And then there are electro-grenades, that explode upon contact with an opponent and deal damage to all enemies in the radius of impact, also affecting targets around them with chain lightning (although with lesser damage).


As usual, we've prepared some objectives for you to spice up the gameplay. Complete them all and get neat prizes. If you are feeling exceptionally powerful, sign a contract that will provide even more challenges and a pleasant bonus—the Lord of Winter mask. Complete both contracts, and earn the awesome Lord of Winter costume as a reward!


Festive costumes, jolly masks, awesome insignias, and gorgeous weapon skins. Get the best of the "Winter 2020", swag and spread the holiday vibes on the battlefield!

Always wear a warm hat outside or you'll get a Brain Freeze! Hm, but what if Brain Freeze is your hat?...

You'll always be ready for Extreme Conditions with this new mask! We're sure you're dying to get it.

Stay frosty with the new Frosty mask! Don't fear the snow. Become the snow.

Mr. Fluffins will guard you against cold this winter. Available on offer during the event!

Deck the halls with this exclusive emote you can get in the Outlet! Why chop down a tree when you can just summon it with the power of technology? It's much more environmentally friendly!

Relax, enjoy the festivities and just Let it snow! Available on offer during the event.

That’s it for now. Don't miss all the action and enjoy your holidays!

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