Today’s life on the island is far from being quiet and eventless. There’s so much going on that it’s sometimes hard to keep up, and some of the residents are becoming confused. Who’s running the ship around here, and what should we expect in the future? The two most powerful women in town agreed to answer some of the pressing questions for all our readers.

Good afternoon ladies. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. So, first thing’s first. Who is in charge of the island? 

Mayor and Colonel (Simultaneously): I am!

Mayor: I am the Mayor of this place, and I literally rebuilt it from the ground up. Everything you see around – from freshly painted houses to restored statues and flowers on balconies – is the result of me and my team working tirelessly. I keep putting my heart and my time into making this the cozy place it is and strengthening the community.

Colonel: I beg to differ. Mayor does her part in decorating balconies, but it’s me and my squads that keep the island safe. Without our protection, there would be no order whatsoever. I provide protection for our hometown, and that’s the foundation for any civilized living. 

Can you share your outlook on the island’s politics and how we as a community should move forward with our development? 

Colonel: We have a perfect haven here: great weather, secluded location, lots of opportunities. I believe, our duty is to keep order by all means possible. Our peaceful town needs strict rules to stay safe. The liberal approach is a sure way back to the devastation this place was in not so long ago. 

Mayor: We DO have a perfect place here, but it’s not because everyone has a gun to their back. We are a flourishing community because we communicate, we listen to each other, and respect our mutual interests. I believe in the power of diplomacy and peaceful agreements over pressure and brute force.

These two approaches are very different. How do you work side by side? Don’t you contradict one another? 

Mayor: Finding common ground with the Colonel is not easy, so I often have to make my own decisions without consulting her. I’ve got an assistant who handles the trickiest assignments – her name’s The Night. She’s been a useful asset to the development of this community and helped smooth many corners in regards to my work with the Colonel. 

Colonel: The Mayor tries to use the soft-touch approach, but most of the time, it just doesn’t cut it. So I do things my way without consulting anyone because I know best. Also, The Night is my trusted agent, not the Mayor’s, and she’s proven to be quite an invaluable member of my team. She gets things done – period. 

Here’s a hot topic: the landing module from the sky. What do you think about it, how will it affect us?

Mayor: This is a disaster, of course. We spent many months rebuilding the promenade, and one day after it opened for the public – boom. New repairs are once again needed, and it’s going to take a toll on the town’s budget.

Colonel: This attack on us is totally the Mayor’s fault. She’s got all the resources, and if there’s anyone who should be held responsible, it’s her. If my team had the funding she has, we’d blast that capsule out of the sky long before it landed. So I say – give the power to those who are willing to use it, to me.  

All right, last question: what do you plan to do with the captured hostages from this capsule?

Mayor: The gentleman who wore the Zebra mask is currently living in the town hotel. We’re trying to make his stay comfortable, but are keeping an eye on his activities as well. The diplomatic approach is best in these matters, seeing how we don’t really know what we’re dealing with. 

Colonel: We got one prisoner locked up at the HQ. He hasn’t given us his name yet, so we’re calling him the Spaceman for now. We’re interrogating him and plan to continue doing so. He’s not too talkative, but we’ve got our ways with such types, so we’ll get some answers rather sooner than later.

Mayor: This is barbaric! What treatment do you expect to get from outsiders if you simply lock everyone up?!

Colonel: I expect respect and nothing more! And your diplomacy is a road straight to occupation by these goons. Keep it up, and you’ll be handing over the keys to the city in no time.

Mayor: You are rude and outrageous! Not burning down bridges isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of intelligence.

Colonel: Oh, you are so full of yourself! But can you put your money where your mouth is, missy?

[After that the Colonel jumped from her seat and drew a blade from the sheath, and the Mayor reached for her handgun. Our reporter collected her microphone and left, considering the interview to be over and making sure she was safe]

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