Recently a group of gunslingers stumbled upon an abandoned military warehouse. They decided to take a peek and found a mother lode of stuff! Weapons, equipment, retro attire – you name it. All these goodies that looked like allied forces’ gear were just lying around, so the gang decided to have some reenactment fun. Join them in this endeavor and enjoy the vintage feel of robust 20th century military design!

The Costume

Reenactments aren’t a thing if you don’t dress up accordingly. So the Fighting Ace costume is the cornerstone of this event. It’s rad, it’s flashy, it’s stylish — everything you want it to be. Pilots are always the fashion icons of their time, and the Fighting Ace costume is just another example of that rule. Put it on once, and you’ll never want to take it off. Ever.


The event will last for 2 weeks straight, and there will be 2 fairs respectively.

The Chopper: this is a new (even though a little rusty) Assault Rifle in the game. Its two perks are Needle and Right Through. Needle gives the gun a chance to ignore enemy armor, and Right Through makes the bullets fly RIGHT THROUGH opponents, hitting everyone in the line of fire. More info on this bad boy can be found HERE.
The Chopper fair opens on day 1 of the event and lasts for its duration.

Wombat: pants totally worth checking out. They give you additional movement speed and also increase the speed at which you can use all your consumables. Basically, you can become a G-Launcher machine gun with these puppies equipped. Deadly! Want to see all the details and numbers? Want to see all the details and numbers? We got a full description RIGHT HERE.
The Wombat fair opens at the start of week 2 and lasts for seven days before the event ends.


The 2 weeks of the event will feature different maps, and here’s what you can expect.

Week 1

  • Europe: Streets
  • Farming Complex

Week 2

  • Island: Promenade
  • Europe: Square


Taking part in reenactments is fun, but you’ll probably want a souvenir to keep the memories alive longer. That’s why we prepared a variety of awesome cosmetics, including masks, weapon skins, and insignias. Just take a look at these beauties. They’re so good you’re gonna want to get them all.

Sure enough, the Military Games event offers a bunch of challenges for you to grind, and a bunch of rewards for you to reap – simply check out the event window in the game to learn all about them.

That’s basically it. Remember to stay in character and enjoy this little trip through time! Good luck!

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