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Hey everyone! The sixth brawl of Season 5 is a completely new one and it’s called ZONE CONTROL. It’s all about staying on your toes and moving with the flow of battle.


  • This brawl is played in 4vs4 format
  • Everyone has their own health, armor and weapons
  • The team holding the Zone gains points
  • The Zone changes its location every once in a while and becomes neutral
  • After that, players from both teams need to regroup and capture the Zone in its new location
  • The team that reaches 2000 points first or scores the most points during the time limit wins
  • The Brawl does not affect your account stats

Basically, what you do is – follow the Zone wherever it goes and capture it if you can. The fact that the Zone is not attached to one place for the duration of a map, should make these fights more dynamic and give them an “on the move” feel. Those sneaky snipers who prefer to camp from a single position won’t have a chance!

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