Watching pros do their magic on the screen is always fun, but it’s kind of not enough. Your hands start itching to play, and your mind keeps wondering how you’d handle this or that situation. You know that feel? So do we, and that’s why we’re starting an in-game event dedicated to Gods of Boom Season 2 Finals, just in time for the last matches of esports Season 2!

What is the event about?

It’s a weekend-long activity that features social and in-game challenges along with everyone’s favorite Pro Play Brawl. The brawl is known for several distinctive features: Aim Assist is turned off for everyone, players use certain weapon sets, and consumables are limited just like in real tournament games. Basically, it’s the most relevant competitive experience you get in Gods of Boom without having to form a real team. Learn more about it in our Brawler’s Guide.

How do I aim then?

With your fingers! Just like esports athletes do on those stadium events you like to watch. It’s a little trickier than just pointing in the direction of your enemy, but getting the hang of it isn’t too hard – just give it a try!

What’s up with weapon sets?

This brawl is here to show you what’s it like to fight at the highest level, and that requires certain gear. Ever seen esports players running around with the Legend assault rifle? Probably not — because high-level competitions call for high-level guns! We’ve prepared several sets of weapons that real athletes use in their official games. At the start of each battle, you get one of these sets, and you stick with it till the match ends. Your level doesn’t mean anything – you can still get all the pro weapons in Pro Play Brawl.

Here’s a list of possible loadouts for your convenience:

Ok, so consumables work differently too?

As you might have heard, there’s a limit to what consumables and in what amounts can be taken to a fight. For instance, you can’t carry a ton of G-Launchers and simply rocket-camp the enemy spawn room. You can find detailed info on consumable limits in Tournament Game Rules, but the general rule is simple: the more powerful an item is, the less of it you can use. So think twice before choosing a mighty consumable – you have to be absolutely sure you can capitalize on it.

Athletes get cash for their victories! Does this brawl have a prize pool?

Sure thing! Complete challenges both online and in the game to get your hands on exclusive weapon skins, and if that doesn’t quench your loot thirst, sign a contract to win the unique event mask! If you’ve previously purchased the Season Pass, you already have the contract for the mask though.

How about bragging rights? Athletes sure have those!

We got ya covered: throughout the event, we’ll be maintaining a rating table. Each player will have a personal score, which everyone will be able to see. The highest-ranking players at the end of the event will get special insignias to mark their achievement. Now that’s a badge of honor that requires some serious work, so expect a lot of competition.

The event ended, but my craving for competitive gaming is still in place. Any tips?

We totally get where you’re coming from: having tried Pro Play once changes your gameplay expectations. After all, professional matches involve higher risks of making mistakes, harder combat and higher life value. 

If you’ve fallen under the charm of competitive play, we advise you to check out our Discord server and our Esports community on Facebook. They’re good places to start looking for a team and then… well, what happens then is up to you. The possibilities are truly endless – just watch the streams on November 22-23 if you don’t take our word for it. All the guys on screen were once just casual brawlers like yourself.

Good luck to all, and remember to play it cool. Self-control is the key to dominance!

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