The new PVE mode called Invasion is going into open beta! It means that now every gunslinger on any supported platform can check out the new mechanics and test their skills with challenging AI opponents. You must have a ton of questions, so let’s dive in!

What is PVE?

PVE stands for Player-vs-Environment. That’s when you fight against AI opponents instead of battling other real people in PVP (Player-vs-Player) encounters. Invasion is the working title for our new PVE mode, where you get to deal with hordes of oncoming enemies.

What is the Invasion?

Invasion is a covert operation in a secluded location in Mexico, where you need to investigate some unusual activity. There’s not much info to go by, but our corporate sources are almost certain that gunslingers will meet heavy resistance at the destination. Dare to take the assignment?  

What’s the difference between regular battles and the Invasion mode?

In regular battles, you get assigned to a server along with 7 other players and you fight each other to score points and determine the winning team (or player in FFA mode). In PVE you play alone against computer enemies who come at you at different times and in different numbers.

Ok, I’m ready! How do I start?

Once you launch the game, you’ll see a welcome-screen that’ll have the button required to play this new mode. Press it to start your journey into the Invasion! Also, you can find the widget for the mode in the Lobby. There are three main stages of the PVE mode available at the moment: tutorial, story, and survival. Let’s take a closer look.


  • Very few opponents on each stage
  • No bosses
  • Players get 3 lives to complete the tutorial


  • Regular number of opponents
  • Each stage adds more types of opponents
  • There are no bosses on the map
  • Players get 3 lives to complete the story


  • Endless mode - score as many points as you can while you’re alive and kickin’
  • New types of opponents appear as you progress through the stages
  • Each stage is limited to 10 enemy units
  • Enemies get tougher over time by getting more HP and Armor
  • Every 5 stages a boss spawns
  • There are 2 types of bosses: the regular ones and the tough ones
  • Regular bosses don’t have special abilities
  • Tough bosses have increased HP, Armor and can use an AOE attack
  • Tough bosses drop a weapon crate once eliminated: the crate fully replenishes your HP and Armor and gives you Reaper, Odin, Barracuda and Zeus
  • You gain points for Eliminations and Perfect Aim shots
  • Players get 1 life only

So, what are these AI opponents?

There are a few types of enemies that differ in the way they fight, in the weapons they wield and in the amount of HP/Armor they possess. Here’s a list of the nasties you’ll encounter in your battles

  • Synth. Melee - Fast, melee attack, unarmored
  • Synth. Enforcer - Slow, melee attack, heavily armored
  • Synth. Shooter - Regular fighter with an assault rifle, unarmored
  • Synth. Gunner - Regular fighter with an assault rifle, armored
  • Synth. Sniper - Long-range, deadly to stationary campers
  • Synth. Miniprime - Regular boss without special abilities
  • Synth. Prime - Tough boss with increased Armor and HP, as well as an AOE strike

Tip: armored enemies take 70% less damage from body shots, while they have at least some armor remaining. Aim for the head to deal more damage to them!

What do I get for playing in PVE mode?

First of all, you get a unique gameplay experience! For the first time in history, we’re giving players a chance to test their skills against AI. Second, there are a few challenges in this new mode, and completing them gives you rewards, including an exclusive insignia at the end. Finally, you can share your feedback with us and it’ll influence the way we develop and fine-tune this mode, so you basically get a chance to work on your favorite game!

Feedback? I got a lot on my mind!

That’s great - just what we need. You can share your thoughts on this new feature as well as ideas about improving it through a feedback form. Just fill it out, and you can be sure your voice will be heard.

Good luck with the Sythoids - they’re a tough bunch though, so don’t worry if your first survival doesn’t last too long. Keep practicing, and you’ll be the master of PVE in no time!

Important: Please, keep in mind that PVE mode is still in development and its contents may change in the future based on your feedback and other factors. Below you'll find our development roadmap, so you can know what you might expect in the future!

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