Dear readers, summer is right around the corner, and we've found the most interesting activities for you this season, as well as prepared some fashion tips to help you look stunning while you're taking MVP time after time in the hot sun. Enjoy!


Just a few days ago, some space module has crash-landed on the Promenade! Who are the people inside it? What do they want, and how did they find us? Who’s going to pay for the repairs? Stay tuned for more info as we follow the development of this story!


The town’s most influential people have decided to meet face to face with the select few who have proven their determination and loyalty to our island. Everyone who reached Rank 40 in their respective Elite Battle Career, can expect an informal meeting with the Mayor, and fighters who have a Elite Career can count on exchanging pleasantries with the Colonel herself.


The Mayor and Colonel have organized a military festival on the Promenade to show our uninvited guest what we stand for. Time to take up arms and prove these gate-crashers that our cozy island community packs a powerful punch! Come join the fun if you’ve reached level 10, and let’s show them who’s Queen of the Hill around these place!


Spring is here, and that means new wardrobe choices! Let’s take a look at the hottest headwear, badges, and general designs that’ll make you stand out in 2020. If you’re looking for advice on picking the best guns for the season, flip through to the Hardware Review.

We start off with one of the most iconic hats ever - the Fedora. It’s a timeless classic that’s been around for over a century: from the early women’s rights movement activists to modern pop stars and glamourous models, this soft brim hat has been asserting confidence and style. Add a pair of large O-shaped earings and some black-rimmed shades to complete the look.

Moving on to badges: this season the pastel-shaded romantic ones are hotter than ever. Show your love for our peaceful town by putting one of its landmarks on your insignia. Or be bold and go with the sky-blue Soft Landing badge to show the world that you were here during a truly historic event.

Finally, we come to the most trendy patterns: there’s a bunch to choose from, and enough to fit every taste. From stylish flowers and artsy urban ones to heart-shaped camo and playful cherry-red lips. All these will look fabulous on your favorite guns and turn you into the fashion icon you deserve to be!


Summer is high-season everywhere, and our cozy little island is by no means an exception. During the next 40 days, each and every one of our readers has a chance to experience a total of 6 amazing weekend activities, including some unique ones. You can find all the details about times, locations, as well as tips on having the best time possible in our special, called Brawler’s Guide!

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