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We all enjoy listening to music, but not all of us make creative contributions to it. Let’s change that: take part in our karaoke contest, show off your vocal talents, and win great prizes in the game!

Remember our Season 6 trailer? Well, we dare you to make a hit-cover for it! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Watch our “karaoke” version of the trailer to get in the mood
  2. Download the instrumental track from SoundCloud (More -> Download)

  3. Use any audio-editing software (i.e. Audacity) to add your voice on top. You can sing the lyrics Stanis used in his trailer or come up with a whole new song altogether!
  4. Upload the resulting track to SoundCloud, YouTube or any other platform, and leave the link to it in the comments of the contest post on Facebook.
  5. The contest will last for 2 weeks till October 11, after which we’ll take another week to review all the entries. The winner will receive 15 ranks of Battle Career, two runners-up will get 10 ranks each.

This contest is not about trying your best and outsinging the competition – it’s about having fun and enjoying yourself. Be creative with lyrics, additional instruments, and the number of people performing – it’s all good!

Turn on, tune in, and drop it like it’s hot!

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