The start of high-season is upon us, and every place in the city is trying to attract more tourists. Weekend activities called Brawls are happening all over the city: these allow you to enjoy different activities without putting your stats in danger (brawls don’t affect K/D and other metrics). Just have fun, enjoy yourselves, and if you’re good at it - you’ll win some rewards!

Let’s take a look at what these hot upcoming weekends promise to bring us.

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Table of Content:


A brawl for everyone who does their eliminating single-handedly: only pistols and poisoned throwing knives are allowed on the battlefield. Give it a try, and experience the rush of Wild West!


  • Only brawl pistols and poisoned throwing knives are given to players
  • Poisoned knives deal damage and slow down enemies
  • The only consumable used in the brawl is antidote which heals and cures poisoning
  • Everyone has the same amount of health (2400) and armor (1100)
  • Each participant gets Kevlar (lvl 7), Panther (lvl 0), Tsunami (lvl 0), and Slayer (lvl 0


  • Eliminating an enemy with a poisoned knife gives you two more poisoned knives
  • Every elimination gets you one antidote
  • Aim for the head
  • Start off with a knife – your enemy will begin losing health, and you’ll have a better chance at shooting them down


Can you quickly adapt to the ever-changing pace of life? How about staying strong on your own and not relying on others? If you answered YES to both these questions, you might be interested in trying out the Arms Race where you get a different gun every 2 eliminations and fight on your own.


  • Free For All game mode
  • The first one to score 21 eliminations wins
  • Everyone starts with Bastion
  • You get a new gun after every 2 eliminations
  • You get Brawl Medkits and no offensive consumables


  • Starting gun – BASTION
  • 2 eliminations – ORION
  • 4 eliminations – SUNBURST
  • 6 eliminations – REAPER
  • 8 eliminations – HERO
  • 10 eliminations – TRAITOR
  • 12 eliminations – SCATTERSHOT
  • 14 eliminations – BRAWLER
  • 16 eliminations – HURRICANE
  • 18 eliminations – THANATOS
  • 20 eliminations – LEGEND


  • When your weapon changes, adjust your tactics accordingly
  • Know your map well to get the most out of every gun
  • When you see several people fighting, try to eliminate at least one of them. Start with the weakest one for better results.

Brawl dates: May 22-24


There’s a fine line between being good and being pro. If you’re ready to see which side of the line you’re on, visit this challenge at the end of May. You’ll get to try out all the guns and equipment real athletes use in their high-tier matches. It’s also a good place to find decent teammates if you plan to get into competitive gaming later this year.


  • Everyone fights in Pro Play mode
  • Aim Assist is off
  • Respawn timers get longer if you're eliminated often
  • Each battle you get one of the five sets of weapons that real esports athletes use
  • All players fight with 2000 health points and 1800 armor
  • Your consumables aren't spent in these fights


  • Don’t’ run forward on your own. Most of the times, people are eliminated not because they shoot poorly or don't know how to throw grenades, but because they're out of position. Just make sure you see at least 2 of your teammates IN FRONT of you, and you’re fine.
  • Sniper up and keep your distance. This will teach you to control enemy movement and improve your knowledge of map layouts.
  • Play as a team! You don’t need to coordinate every move – just watch your allies, and in a few seconds, you’ll know which of them know what they’re doing. It’s that simple. Once you spot these people, follow their lead.
  • Don't chase enemies. 9 out of 10 times, you'll just catch a sniper bullet between the ears as soon as you cross the invisible frontline. Not every fight needs to end with an elimination, you know.

Brawl dates: May 29-31


The recent events on the island showed us how important it is to always be ready: ready to stand our ground, ready to protect our home, ready to fight on any terms. Interception is a great boot camp for all these traits. In this activity, you capture and protect supplies, or try to get them from the enemy if they were the first to capture them. It’s a tug of war with many possibilities and a wide range of tactical options.


  • Everyone has their own health, armor, and weapons
  • Supplies appear in the center of the map
  • The team that captures the Supplies starts gaining points
  • Team with most points till the end of the match wins


  • Capturing the supplies super early is tempting, but not always a good idea, especially if you're going in alone. Try to move as a unit, together with your allies - this hugely increases your chances of winning team fights.
  • Whenever an enemy player tries to capture the supplies solo, don't hurry to eliminate them right away. Your objective is to make enemy spawns out of sync, so that every time an enemy goes into battle, they're all alone in the spawn room and have to wait a few seconds for their teammate to spawn.
  • If the enemies took control of the supplies, it's a call to regroup, not to attack.

Brawl dates: June 5-7


This one is less of a brawl and more of an empathy workshop, really. You and 3 of your allies have a total of 25 lives. Every time one of you is eliminated, you lose 1 of them. Same goes for the other team. So, this is a very close race for survival, where your care for your teammates is often more important than your perfect aim.


  • Each team has 25 lives in total
  • Each time a player is eliminated, their team loses one life
  • The team with more lives at the end wins
  • Everyone plays with their own weapons and equipment


  • Try to stay close to your teammates at all times and never wander off alone
  • Create ambushes, and don't rush the enemy even if you feel the power pulsing through you
  • Once you eliminate someone, retreat a little and make sure everyone's healed up

Brawl dates: June 12-14


Spice up your social life by adding a new party to the mix. Two Fronts allows you to battle two enemy teams at the same time. Sounds challenging? Well, it is! There’s much more going on around you, but if you keep your cool and stay focused, this could be the experience of a lifetime!


  • 3 teams, 3 players on each team, Team Deathmatch mode
  • Eliminate opponents on any enemy team to score points
  • The first team to reach 500 points wins
  • Map pool: Asia Fusion, Farming Complex, and Wild West Railroad


  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s better to hunt single enemies as a pack of three, instead of playing as a lone wolf yourself
  • Specializations rock! Diversify your roles on the team if possible. Three snipers (or any other of the same spec) will usually have a tough time battling a well-rounded team.
  • Play dirty. There’s no shame in stealing points. Let your fighting enemies do half the job of eliminating each other, and then just make the final shots to claim the points. It’s pretty unethical but highly effective.

Brawl dates: June 19-21

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