Water, rock, and air
The trinity of power
Hot summer begins

The Night

From a letter to the Mayor

Before finding my way to the Island and starting my work for you and the Colonel, I used to be a student… or more like an apprentice. It wasn’t a school or a university I went to, it was the Palace of Shadows. Hidden deep in the mountains of Asia, it’s a true jewel of ancient martial arts, wisdom, and unique combat training. Everything I know and everything I am is thanks to this place.

I recently received news that there’s a battle raging in the walls of the Palace – looks like a runaway lay brother, who was a friend of mine when we were kids, is looking for vengeance. He decided not to follow orders and rebelled instead. I cannot let this madman ruin the place that made me. I will travel there and see things done myself. The Palace is well-protected with a complicated system of doors that are never open all at once - if one door closes, another one opens somewhere else. That should keep the renegade busy for some time... If the fight takes me elsewhere, I won’t hesitate. The Palace is my true home, and I’ll do anything to protect it, I’ll fight as many opponents as I need to - no force will stop me.

The event takes place in 2 locations: Asia: Fusion and Asia: Palace of Shadows (new map)
Game mode: 3vs3vs3


Excerpts from a personal diary found in a hostel room 300 miles away from the Palace

I have no memory of my family. My first recollection is of the people at the Palace. Later, they told me that they had found me, a 3-year-old boy, in a burnt-down village. I was the only one left alive. They took care of me, fed me, and let me stay with them at the Palace of Shadows. I hoped they’d let me master the arts, but no. They said I wasn’t fit to be a ninja. In reality, they just didn’t want a common person, someone without ninja lineage to learn the art. Well, the joke’s on them – I’ve been watching them train for years, and I was training myself. Now, I know even more than anyone of them does – I’m stronger, faster, and smarter. And it’s time to take my revenge.

Sure, I may not look like one of the apprentices – I don’t have their attire. But I have my own, a costume I made for the battle upon my return. They will all remember this look as the look of wrath that came upon their heads!

And I’m not coming empty-handed. Oh no! I’m packing heat! My trusty bow Orochi and my sharp blade Serpent will tear through any wisdom and experience these fools may have – I’ve crafted them myself and know what these weapons are capable of. They’ll see… Soon!

Exclusive event costume: Shinobi
Weapon fairs:

  • Orochi - a new bow with poisoned arrows and unique tension mechanic - click here to learn more.
  • Serpent - a new poisoned knife - click here to learn more.

First one starts on July 23, the second one – on July 30.


An intercepted message addressed to someone named Spaceman

ZeeBro called me up the other day and said we gotta take a vacay to Asia, where some of the toughest fighters train and practice! I’m not the one to say no to a good trip, especially if there’s a ton of stuff worth bringing back home. So we’re going! Sunblock – check, ammo – check, grenades, and Medkits – check. Looks like we’re packed and ready to head out. I heard there’s a ton of authentic masks, insignias, skins to be had. Don’t know what exactly I want to bring back, but there’s enough to choose from. I’ll send you a selfie, bro - get well soon.

Event challenges with rewards
2 Masks, 7 insignias, and 5 weapon skins

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