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Keeping it safe and keeping it cool? Good! We got another intense event for all gunslingers level 5 and up, and it’s full of hot modes, challenges, and even a bunch of weapon fairs. Take a closer look.


This time, the Stay Home event will last for 7 days: from May 13 to May 20. The event game modes change every few days, while fairs and challenges are updated once every 24 hours. Play every day to enjoy all the exciting action and reap all the cool rewards!


Your favorite game modes from events and brawls - all packed into an intense 7-day activity. Get ready for some of the best Gods of Boom fun!

  • Free-For-All (Trejo Tournament maps) - 2 days
  • Zone control + Object Control (Halloween 2019 map) - 2 days
  • Two Fronts — 3х3х3 (Asia: Fusion and Farming Complex) - 3 days


Each day of the event, you’ll be able to spin the fair for one of the 8 weapons. Here’s the list of all the goodies you can get in exchange for your event tokens:

  • Cyclops
  • Zeus
  • Kingslayer
  • Bastion
  • Orion
  • Reaper
  • Barracuda
  • Wasp


Once every 24 hours, you get a set of 3 challenges. Complete them to get bonus tokens, defensive consumables, and Event Tokens for fairs. Don’t slack, get your fight on, and you’ll complete all the missions in no time.

Oh, btw - we’ve already sent you 300 Event Tokens to get things rolling. Enjoy the event, spin the fairs, get the loot, and stay safe! 

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