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This weekend marks the start of the Summer Challengers – tune in on Saturday and watch the epic online battles!

There are some important improvements to the tournament rules.

Challengers Improvements and Updates

  • Map pool changes:

To make the online cups more diverse and exciting both for players and viewers, we’ve introduced a new system of weekly map rotation. From now on, the maps for the next online cup will be announced at the previous cup or right after the cup’s end. For example, the map pool for Cup #2 will be announced during Cup #1 or right after it.

  • Redistribution of the weekly prize pool:

We are changing the prizes for the 3rd and the 4th places to make the third place in any cup more desirable for contenders. Coming in third now gets you more rewards! 
Now the prize pool is going to distribute like this:

  1. $400 + 100 ranking points;
  2. $200 + 75 ranking points;
  3. $120 + 50 ranking points  (previously $100);
  4. $80 + 40 ranking points (previously $100);
  5. - 8. $50 + 25 ranking points.

General Improvements and Updates

  • Naming changes penalty:

We’re introducing certain penalties for changing the team’s name too often or having undesirable words in players’ nicknames (YouTube, Twitch, and so on).
Every week the players will be warned about this. Those who do not comply will be warned before the broadcast as well. We ourselves can rename a player only once. If the player keeps violating the rules and appears on a broadcast with a restricted nickname, there will be a penalty for 50% of all gained points at the end of the current cup. 

  • Changes to roster rules:

Starting today, any team can have only 5 people in total on their roster. 
A team can only add ONE team member during one tournament stage (for example during the Summer Challengers). Though, more than one member can leave the team.
Just like before, invites to offline events are only valid if at least three team members from the roster are going to the event.
We pay for the transfer and accommodation only for the 4 players who’ll be competing in the event. The captain decides who gets to go. 
The team can have one substitute if 2 out of 5 members on the roster have problems with visas/work/personal matters. It is FORBIDDEN to use players from other regions and those who have already made it to Gods of Boom as substitutes in Pro Series matches.

So, get ready for the Summer Challengers that kick off this Saturday: register your team and participate or just come to the streams and cheer for your favorite team. The summer heat is coming! 

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