What do we know about DIVINE KING? First, he was the ace of the Lazarus team, who held the game together with his outstanding sniper skills. Не was at the forefront of Guns of Boom tournaments since Season 1, and has proven himself to be an exceptional player, whose name has become ever-present on the lists of top-ranking gunslingers of all time. But most importantly, DIVINE KING is a really good guy.

Recently he switched teams and joined forces with another leader of the tournament — Eanix. Today we’re talking about the motives behind the change, discussing what it’s like to be an esports professional, and trying to figure out who is DIVINE KING when he’s outside the battlegrounds.

Thank you for joining us today! For those of us who don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you in and out of the game?

A: I am Kevin Castellanos also known as DIVINE KING. 23 years old. Married. I love video games. Studying business administration and also volunteering in my church. I currently work with my brother in an online business.

How did you start playing GOB? How did you move on to being a pro athlete?

A: I started playing Guns of Boom in 2017 when I was in Germany. I found the game while I was browsing the App Store—it was on the list of the most popular FPS games. Thanks to Lordmano I got the opportunity to substitute for ROMIO, who had visa problems, in the EU Invitational, and from there my pro athlete career took off. It was stressful. It was my first event and I didn’t know what to expect, even though I agreed to do it right away. I took the risk and it turned out great. I won my first LAN tournament!

Gods of Boom ESL ONE Cologne 2019

What was the most memorable moment in your esports career? 

A: The most memorable moment was winning the Season One Finals while being in the “loser bracket”. There is no doubt that winning the first EU Invitational tournament with GOB was a great experience.

When I was on the stage, seeing people watching us and feeling their emotions was awesome.

Do you remember what was the turning point that day? What else do you remember from that trip?

A: The 18 eliminations on the Saloon map in Grand Final #1 were the turning point for me that day, because it filled me with so much energy and let our team move to Grand Final #2, and then to Season One Finals. When I was on the stage, seeing people watching us and feeling their emotions was awesome.

What was your favorite Live event? 

A: Gods of Boom Cologne as it was intense and full of crazy matches. It was also my best performance. I didn't see much of Cologne, but the craziest experience I had was watching CS:GO during the ESL One at the Lanxess Arena. The crowd was amazing, full of energy and passion. 

Gods of Boom ESL ONE Cologne 2019

You have a lot of experience as a pro athlete. You visited different countries and played in different tournaments. Tell us, what surprises you the most at these events?

A: Each event was different and unique, but the most memorable were the Guns of Boom events on the main stages of Lanxess Arena and Spodek Arena. It was incredible to play in front of so many people. The whole experience was astonishing.

Do you get nervous on stage? How do you overcome it?

A: At my first event I was very nervous, but after playing a few games I felt more relaxed and calm. Now, I don’t get nervous at all, it comes naturally to me and I love playing on stage and love seeing the crowds watching me.

What would be your advice to those, who are having their first live event? How to get ready? What to pack for the trip? How to train and what to focus on? How to stay calm during the commotion?

A: Pack your notebook, a pen, and prepare your mind and body for the event. Be sure to have a good rest and eat well. Take the time to discuss strategy with the team and try to get comfortable with each other, because playing on LAN is not like playing online.

How does your family feel about what you do?

A: My family thinks it’s crazy and not all of them support me, although some of them do. They’re not really into gaming or esports. My wife is my biggest supporter. My brother thinks it’s awesome.

Gods of Boom ESL ONE Cologne 2019

Do you have friends among pro athletes? 

A: Yes, I have quite a few: Tom [Optimus], Cesar [Thanos], Jmaster [Jefferson], Migatte [Javier].

As the readers may have guessed from the article's title, you are now officially a part of the team Eanix. Tell us more about this decision, how it came about and what it means to you?

A: The decision was made after Lazarus released me from the roster. For some time I wanted to go back to playing for the North American region, because I live in the US and I have known the guys from Eanix for a long time, since the first ESL tournament, and I had played with them in the beginning, before I joined the Lordmano team. 

I wasn’t feeling happy on the European server when I’m much closer to the US server. I had to constantly play with 150-180 ping in the online cups and scrim practice. My time zone also wasn’t the best to practice with the team, and I didn’t get along with them, so when Lazarus released us from the roster, I decided to start anew with the Eanix guys that are playing on the US server.

Having me on their lineup, they have the best chances to win.

Are you getting along with your new teammates?

A: I knew Thanos and Jmaster from the Clan HERO, Optimus from the Clan PROF, and Migatte from YAKUZA, and together we won the first tournament. I knew these guys from the beginning, so we're getting along great.

Gods of Boom ESL ONE Cologne 2019

Has something changed after your transfer? We know that you were the main sniper on the team Lazarus, and used to support them at a long distance and flanks. Do you think you are going to keep the role?

A: I will keep the same role and still be the sniper of the team, as I’m best at it.

Why do you think Eanix chose to approach you? 

A: Eanix approached me because I'm a good fit for them practice wise, as we're in the same time zone, also with having me on their lineup, they have the best chances to win.

What lies ahead for DIVINE KING?

A: Getting my team ready for the Pro Series Europe on November 22, and to qualify for the Season 2 Finals. These are our goals.

It was a pleasure talking to you, thank you so much for your time. In conclusion any advice for the players who want to go Pro? 

A: I recommend practicing a lot in Pro Mode, and more importantly, practice in casual matches with aim assist off.

Divine King won Season One Final with team Black Bulls

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