Gods of Boom has tons of different activities open to players at any given time, and it’s been a challenge trying to properly organize all the essential info in the main lobby. We’ve done some research, carried out a number of tests, and finally came up with a layout that is intuitive, simple, and has lots of free space.

Let’s start with the left side of the screen.

  1. The Arsenal button now takes you to the loadout screen. You can access the full gear list from there
  2. Button to quickly create a group with your friends
  3. All your quests (including daily, main, drone supplies, gift marathons, and so on)
  4. Friends tab
  5. Your clan tab
  6. News and important messages
  7. Your league progress
  8. Your player name and profile
  9. The main menu

Moving on to the right.

  1. Outlet. That’s where you get all the best deals
  2. Your Gunbucks and Gold balance. Tap them to access the store
  3. Chat button. Opens up a chat with your clanmates
  4. Current Offers. The place to get the most boom for your buck
  5. Calendar. handy widget that shows you current and upcoming game activities
  6. Fairs. All the available fairs, including Event, Battle Fairs, and other stuff like Secret Stash
  7. Tournaments and other limited-time features
  8. Battle Career. Tap this widget to open the new career window - it’s worth taking a look at.

Finally, let’s take a quick look at the main menu (button in the upper-left corner)

  1. Schedule. Check it whenever you launch Gods of Boom - chances are, you’ll find something cool like announcements of fairs and streams, guides to events and seasons, and other useful stuff
  2. Videos tab. When you want to take a breather from a stressful match or just want to see what’s the buzz in the community.
  3. Settings. The holy grail of your player experience. Everything from Aim Assist to FPS limits - it’s there.
  4. Spectator mode. For when you want to watch your friends fail miserably or simply don’t have enough energy to play a match, but still want to enjoy some live gameplay.
  5. Help and support. The fastest way to solve any issue with the game, be it technical or not.

That’s basically it. We hope you have no trouble finding the content you crave, but if you do get confused, drop us a line on social media of your choice, or just address Tech Support directly (using the button in the upper left-hand corner)

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