So, you’ve tested your skills in solo mode and got the hang of outplaying those walkers and whisperers. Good on you. But it’s time for a change of pace. Let’s bring back PvP, but make it more competitive. How? Add one more team to the equation!


Stage II of the event lasts for 10 days - from March 5 to March 15 - and will be followed by a short 4-day break. After that, the third stage will kick off with new activities and content.

Event Battles

Walkers are a nasty bunch, sure, but other survivors can be much more dangerous! They’ve got a lot to lose, and they’ve got tons of tricks up their sleeves. That’s why Stage II features a unique PvP mode called Two Fronts:

  • 3 teams on a map - 3 players on each team
  • Eliminate your opponents (on any team) to score points
  • The first team to reach 500 points wins
  • If no team reaches the limit, the team with the most points by the end of the match wins
  • You play on a classic Gods of Boom map, but with some thematic additions: Farming Complex


The second stage offers the Survivor - an assault rifle with a very high fire rate and a dangerous perk called Piercing Damage. Once you deal damage equal to half of the enemy’s maximum HP, your shots start dealing damage over time. The only way to stop it is by using a healing consumable.

This fair activates on Stage II and will be available during all active stages of the event up until its very end.


There are both daily and stage ratings. Daily ratings are summed up every 24 hours, and stage ratings are evaluated at the end of each stage. Best players get various rewards, depending on how high they climbed in the leaderboards.

IMPORTANT: Your stage rating points do not transfer between stages. At the beginning of Stage III, you won’t have any rating points and will start with a clean slate.


As usual, there are challenges with rewards. Complete them to get more loot and feel readier on the battlefield. Want more? Sign an event contract and complete its challenges, and, eventually, you’ll receive the Bruiser costume. Totally worth the effort!


Last but not least - weekend brawls. There will be 2 of them during the second stage: Point Domination and Last Stand. Learn more about this season's brawls in our handy guide.

Point Domination - March 6

It’s a new take on point control: the more locations on the map you can capture and hold, the more points your actions will generate. There’s a total of 3 points. 1 controlled point multiplies score by 1,5, 2 points multiply the score by 2, and 3 captured points by 3. You get to use your own guns, but the costumes are from The Walking Dead event, so it looks very authentic. A very intense mode that can see a lot of back and forth during a single match.

Last Stand - March 13

You are left alone against endless waves of incoming enemies. There’s no winning this. You get eliminated in the end no matter what. However, it’s up to you to hold on for as long as you can and maybe even try to beat your own previous record. You get your own guns, your consumables, and armor. Don’t worry though, some slain enemies will drop additional ammo and medkits to keep you going. Not for very long though… 

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