The first two stages are behind, and it’s time for the final one. It’ll feature another PvE mode, and a whole TWO FAIRS instead of one. What does this mean? It means you need to step up your token farming skills!


Stage III of The Walking Dead event will last for 12 days - from March 19 to March 31. it is the longest stage of the event, and we suggest you get the most out of it

Event Battles

Once again, we dive into the exciting world of PvE battles and the thrill of fending off countless monsters approaching you from each and every direction. Just like in the first stage, you’ll need Survival Kits to access the event matches. There are a few ways to get them:

  • You get 10 Survival Kits at the start of the event
  • They’re guaranteed to drop from free event cases
  • You can get them by playing in regular PvP matches - they sometimes drop from eliminated enemies
  • They can be purchased with gold at the game store

Stage III offers a challenging and exciting PvE CO-OP mode that’ll put your survival skills to the ultimate test. All the activities before now have been a preparation for this final showdown! So, what are the rules?

  • You go into battle with up to 3 other gunslingers
  • You get to respawn if you get eliminated but keep in mind that every second you’re not in the fight, someone has to pull your weight and keep the walkers at bay
  • Each battle consists of 3 stages: Survival, Supply Defense, and Final Boss
  • During the Survival stage, you fend off waves of enemies for 3 minutes and do your best to stay alive
  • During the Supply Defense stage, you protect several spots on the map from attacking enemies: don’t let them break the supply crates, or you’ll lose the game
  • During the Final Boss stage, you and your teammates try to overpower a mighty enemy, who’ll unleash all its might on you - be very careful
  • Completing all three stages leads to victory. If you fail at some point, the battle is lost, and you need to start over

This is a really tough challenge because it requires both tactical thinking and well-coordinated teamwork from all the players. So don’t worry if you can’t complete the whole run on your first try - even the devs struggled with it. 


As we stated above, there are 2 new fairs appearing in Stage III in addition to the 2 fairs from the first two stages. That means that during this final stage, you’ll have access to fairs of ALL EVENT WEAPONS. Great chance to assemble what you really want. But let’s take a look at the new additions.

Rick’s Revolver: a new pistol that has damage and danger written all over it (not literally). It’s not too fast, but it’s brutal, and if you manage to land your shots to the enemy’s head, boy oh boy! Even if you don’t finish the job, Rick’s Revolver has the Piercing Hit perk that makes your target suffer damage over time if you’ve reduced their HP to less than half of its maximum with this weapon.

“Lucille”: despite the cute name, there’s nothing cute about this piece of weaponry. It’s a baseball bat that fits neatly into your knife slot and has great damage. It also has the same perk as Rick’s Revolver - Piercing Hit. The idea is exactly the same: use the weapon to deal damage to the target to make them suffer over time. They can, however, stop this by using a healing consumable.


There are both daily and stage ratings. Daily ratings are summed up every 24 hours, and stage ratings are evaluated at the end of the stage (this time it’s the end of the event too). Best players get various rewards, depending on how high they climbed in the leaderboards.


As usual, there are challenges with rewards. Complete them to get more loot and feel readier on the battlefield. Want more? Sign an event contract and complete its challenges, and, eventually, you’ll receive the Bruiser costume. Totally worth the effort!


Last but not least - weekend brawls. There will be 2 of them during the third stage: Supply Run and Interception.

Supply Run - March 20

You and your allies roam the map looking for supplies and carry them to the truck. But you won't be alone in this mission. You'll have to beat the enemies, who'll try to get their hands on the supplies as well. Those who manage to carry the most supplies to the truck will win. It's you or them, that simple. 

Interception - March 27

Your job is to capture the supplies and not let your opponents gain control of them! The team that captures the supplies starts earning points. The team who has obtained the most points at the end of the match wins. After running around looking for supplies in Supply Run, this brawl might seem like a piece of cake, but we promise you it's not.

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