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5feb7183cf1be_act2_s1_socialCovers_Known Issues_EN (1)

Below, you'll find the list of the most important known issues we're working on. If you didn't find a bug on this list that you personally encountered, please submit a report to Tech Support. We revise all incoming reports and set priorities for each reported issue.

  • Sometimes the passive perks of vests do not work properly in time - we're on it.
  • Sometimes the “Battle” button on the elimination screen does not appear in time
  • An empty window may appear on Android after the end of battle
  • The issue with Spectator Mode freezing up in the middle of a match is still in our hearts and minds
  • A player who left the match will see Defeat in the results window even if their team has won
  • The Incinerator AR heals players of their DOT effects instead of adding its own
  • When a character falls from the bridge and dies on the Island: Ruins map, it causes the window's interface, showing elimination information to be displayed incorrectly
  • Using 3D touch to aim with Barracuda, the rifle scopes in for the second time
  • It’s possible for players who have sent you friend requests to appear on your friend list
  • Daryl’s Crossbow does the firing animation whenever a player spawns

Check out our patch notes to learn about all the latest fixes!

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