Recently we updated 3 classic maps and said there were more in the works – we weren’t lying. The latest update features changes in A LOT OF maps! Oh yes, we’re picking up steam. Here’s a quick rundown of the latest changes along with before/after videos – enjoy.

Balance Improvements

Paradise Island

We removed some half-height cover in the South part of the map. 

Night Farm

We’ve made the missile pit larger and added a porch for the 2-story barn in the South part of the map. 

Farm: Festival

We added some haystacks near the car by the central point and nudged to the left the door and window of the North barn.

Construction Site

The cover on the South and North passages have been removed, made covers bigger in other places, added an alcove hiding spot for the right team, and moved the ventilation shafts for the left team.

Launchpad: Pandora

Added several covers in the South part of the map.

Farming Complex

Added cover to A and C control points.

Old Factory

The crates on the side of the right team have been moved slightly forward.

Wild West: Saloon

Removed the full-height cover in the South part of the map.

Mexico: Church

Slightly moved the stall at the center of the map and added a crate for the right team’s respawn point on the roof.

Spawn Improvements

Island: Ruins

Fixed the spawn points so that players from both teams reach the North passage simultaneously. 


Fixed the spawn points so that players from both teams reach the central hall simultaneously. 

Visual Improvements

Apart from improving the balance on your favorite maps, we’ve made some visual improvements as well. This time, the artists did their magic on Skyscrapers and Paradise Island. New textures, better lighting, vivid shadows, and more detailed objects are already in the game - check out the videos below or, better yet, jump into the game and see for yourself!

Well, there you have it - your favorite maps made better! We'll keep working on tweaking other stuff on other maps as well, so stay tuned for more news.

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