It’s time for the most epic urban party in Season 13! Get your friends, join the top city crew and bring the informal vibe to the streets.

Who we are & what we do

Headlining this season are two of the most respected people on the block: clothes designer who goes by Mr. Hype and a conceptual street artist named Street Style. They’re the leaders of Outskirts team and the ones spearheading the rebirth of urban culture. Casual fun has been dominating the minds of people for too long – it’s time for some underground hardcore! Let’s shake up the dull and grey monotony, let’s add some sound and color!

New emotes

Hit the walls with your colors or strike with the weapon mightier than the sword with new emotes!


Get ready to join a crew of creative gunslingers and make a name for yourself in the streets as you climb the ranks of Battle Career and get prizes along the way. Want to get to the top faster? The Elite Career will give you that, and a ton of additional rewards to boot. So if you’re looking to be a big shot in your team – sign up for being Elite now to reap all the rewards.

Not sure how careers work? Every season, you get to climb up to 50 ranks in Battle Career. Each rank you achieve brings you certain rewards. If you get an Elite Battle Career, your rewards for ranking up will be much more handsome, you’ll get more challenges to complete, and you’ll eventually rank up faster with more loot to show for it.


You need to look the part if you’re planning to make a name for yourself in the scene. Mr. Hype offers a whole line of hype clothes and accessories, including full-body costumes, hats, and eyewear. Want to expand your style? Add some street-art weapon skins and insignias to the mix, and you’ll be the talk of the streets in no time!

Urban fun

I heard you wanted to know about the underground parties happening this season? Here’s what’s up:

  • Heal'N'Run — June 26-28
  • Big Guns — July 3-5
  • Zone Control — July 10-12
  • Lock'N'Load — July 17-19
  • Power Play — July 24-26
  • New Brawl — July 31 - August 2

Not familiar with some of these formats? We got a brawler’s handbook coming soon – be sure to check it out to get a general idea of what each party’s about, as well as some tips on how to be at least decent and not get constantly stuck in the last place.

IMPORTANT: This season, all brawl matches bring you Battle Coins and Career Experience. So enjoying a weekend bash isn’t just fun anymore - it’s a sure way to get more stuff you need!

So don’t wait up - turn up the music, and hit the streets! 

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