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Stanis is here once again to give you a rundown of what’s cooking in Guns of Boom. With the start of the Halloween event and the introduction of new items in the game, there’s a lot! So, without any further ado, let’s get into the thick of things.

Halloween Event

This year, we’ve got a lot of neat stuff prepared for you. If you want the full scoop, check out our event guide. In short, we got 2 maps: Europe: Halloween and Farm: Halloween. You can enjoy a whole three game modes on them: King of the Hill, Interception and Zone Control. It’s a wild mix of novelty mechanics, thematic setting, and spooky atmosphere. Give it a try, and you won’t be able to put the game down!

The celebration also features 3 costumes: Witchfinder, Dust Bunny and Dr. Frankenboom. Polish your look with a ghastly mast, a creepy insignia, and a gory weapon skin, and you’ll be the life (after death) of any party!


One of the most notable additions to the arsenal is the new Zeus machine gun. It’s a powerful weapon with a unique perk called Chain Lightning. If you’re something of a scientist yourself, you probably guessed what this ability does: it sends lightning from one enemy to another, should they stand close to each other, damaging everyone in the process. 

Great support weapon for wreaking havoc in enemy ranks and doing multi-target damage to groups of opponents. And when you’re not sending thunderbolts in all directions, you can simply marvel at how gorgeous it is. Just take a look, it’s up for debate.

Community News

Finally, we come to community videos. The feedback from our players around the world helped us fix some problems with the Hero machine gun and polish up Matador, Hans, and Liquidator. Thank you all for voicing your concerns and opinions - you’re the heart of the game guys!

Now, some of our content creators took the new machine gun for a ride and came up with more than satisfactory results. Check out their clips – maybe that’ll make your mouth water. Mmm – sweet eliminations…

Moving on, the last issue of this episode is a giveaway! Check the pinned comment below the original News video, answer the question, and get a chance to win 10,000 Battle Career experience points! It’s like getting better without the need to actually try hard – a dream come true.

Anyway, check out the video, join our Discord, and enjoy the Halloween bash!

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